Monday, 7 April 2008

What is Cassiopia implying?

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a convert said...

I guess she is implying that the letter from the police is not genuine. She is still harping on, unable to comprehend that her lord and master might actually be in trouble with the police.

Cassopia - that letter is from the police who are perfectly within their rights to write such emails. Many of us behind the scenes have swapped examples of emails we have received from the police (not for any wrongdoing on our parts of course), and don't know why you refuse to accept the truth.

Hitchen has been warned by the police. Get over it!

Anonymous said...

This one has a lot to say for herself lately.

Looking for top dog position no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Cassiopia is behaving ludicrously! Now she thinks someone impersonated an officer... Duh!

Richard Head said...

The only person doing any impersonating is maggot. He's impersonating a human being. And not very well either.