Tuesday, 8 April 2008

New Evidence Blog

Due to the large amount of material/screenshots now being contributed by many people to the Evidence Reference Library, a separate blog has been created to store any new evidence.

Following requests from some of those submitting evidence who are still members of Mike Hitchen's secret 'Dream Team' forum, who wish to protect their identities, a decision has been taken to make the new blog open to members only.

These people have witnessed first hand how Mike Hitchen deliberately sets about to destroy peoples' lives with his hate campaign - first with Jeremy Young, then Jill Havern, and now Jane Freer becoming his latest victim and are justifiably anxious for their own safety.

This blog will still be used to keep everyone up to date with proceedings.


Anonymous said...

Is there any system by which we can request admission and prove our credentials?

Anonymous said...

yes, you can make contact via the email address on the view profile page.

slum goddess said...

How do we know his spies won't get into the new blogs (or he himself in one of his many disguises)