Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Mike Hitchen analyses police letter

Why does he always attack spelling?


Anonymous said...

Getting a bit worried are you Maggot?

Wait til you analyse the australian police....

Anonymous said...

He attacks spelling because its just another little thing to make him sound better than anyone else. Fact is, when he forgets to spellcheck things his own spelling is f*cking terrible!

But if you pointed that out to him he's say it didn't matter because Aussie's don't care about that sort of thing.


Anonymous said...

Spelling, it's the only time he has any proof of some body doing something wrong.

He sure as hell can't prove any thing else.

Anonymous said...

Oh piss off maggot. Cop yourself on you sick freak. You are sounding really desperate now. Next you will be saying that Tfa sent you the police letter.

Tfa didn't call you a paedo as far as I can recall. But you called him one many many times and have yet to post any proof. Tfa never wrote any sexual content about his own child you bastard.

A few things

1 = Police have the authority to politely request someone to stop harassing and stalking another person regardless of what country he is hiding in.

2 = Police do not have to disclose their own personal feelings in an ongoing case and do not have to tell a down and out spanker his/her address.

3 = Calling another person a paedophile and child molester and publicising this around the world is a crime, especially when one persists in harassing child welfare agencies who are already understaffed, with false allegations.

4 = Go pack a bag, stick in a few pink shirts, a few pair of navy blue knickers, a gum tree paddle, a hairbrush and your passport, get the first flight to Iraq, I promise you will find a nice hotel in Basra, really, honestly. Because you will be much safer over there you fucking stupid IDIOT

Anonymous said...

Analysing Hitchen's latest offerings you can see a drowning man. He knows he's lost and has taken on that petulant sulky whining tone that is unattractive in kids, never mind so-called "grown men".

I don't he ever took us seriously over here when we said that truth would win in the end. We are going to get justice for Jeremy Young and Jill Havern because they have done nothing wrong yet find themselves on the receiving end of such an uncalled for, viscious attack.

The people who have joined in and laughed over everything, especially laughing and joking over stillborn babies, need to seek help because they have big problems.

Hitchen says in his blog he's going nowhere. I beg to differ.

Anonymous said...

No, he's completely right about that.
He IS going nowhere!

Anonymous said...

Exactly, unless it's to Iraq :)

Anonymous said...

He aint man enough to go to Iraq.

Anonymous said...

Funny how he brags about enjoying ruining peoples' lives yet loses this fight to a bunch of women!!!

i think this blog is possibly the first of its kind for gathering evidence to catch a criminal...?

Anonymous said...

There's plenty of evidence, just some things cannot be shared in public right now but silence should not be taken for either a lack of information or evidence.

Anonymous said...

Maggot, Promise to say good bye when you leave blog sphere wont you :), naaaa don't bother. You won't be missed by anyone.
You are the weakest link

Anonymous said...

But please come and say hello to us when you're in the clink.

Anonymous said...

The police certainly have the right to respond to a resident of another country who addressed them first with fabricated lies!
The maggot wasted police time, regularly claims that TFA is "known" to the police and even put a link up to the Bradford police without their authorisation. Now he complains that they wrote to him?

Anonymous said...
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