Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Mike Hitchen's latest spew

Hitchen, everything on these blogs is written by yourself or your 'Child at Risk' campaign assistants. All we're doing is gathering all the information that's widely available on the internet and putting it all in one place so people can see how despicable you all are.
It's working too, isn't it? This blog is very popular with visitors and already we've passed 30,000 visits since February 28th.

You have been warned about your criminal activity because you've received a letter from West Yorkshire police telling you to stop. They certainly didn't write to you to compliment you on your self-proclaimed 'award winning' copy-and-paste blog. The fact that you won't stop your harassment, and that your supporters still encourage you, means that they are assisting an offender - the offender being you. You are all in this together.

As long as you don't stop then neither will we because while your 'Child at Risk' campaign is still ongoing then we will do everything we can to disprove your malicious lies and expose you all for what you are.

The 'attack' on your teacher friend isn't an attack. It's simply that we know she's part of your Team H who is helping you with your 'Child at Risk' campaign and we are discovering things about her too. She has been obnoxious on the internet, and in forums, for over a year now as you will note from the things we are finding.

She is a teacher, for goodness sake, and parents have a RIGHT to know what sort of people teach their kids. In fact, her position is far more important than yours because you're a nobody. You're not a qualified journalist, or anyone special, other than the owner of an online spanking shop and a copy and paste blog which you claim is accessed by schoolchildren who are, therefore, able to see your hate campaign. What sort of role model are you for these impressionable children?

Anna-May Silvestro's personal details are already on the internet, and all we're doing is putting it all in one place alongside yours. It is no different than you posting Jill's address, telephone number and business details on your business website and warning people not to have driving lessons with her because you don't like her book, even though you originally said you did like it. You seem to think that is ok, so why moan when the boot is on the other foot? You would also post Jeremy's address and telephone number if you knew it! After all, you went searching for that information in a Bradford forum, posing as Anthony, didn't you?

You, however, cannot find anything on Jeremy, Jill or Jane because there isn't anything to find is there? So you just make it up. You never provide any evidence or links like we do - you merely publish lies as though it is the truth and expect people to believe it. We are here to disprove those lies and it's very easy to do that.

We will continue to gather evidence on you and your team because we believe we are doing a service to the public to get rid of predators, with a hidden agenda like yourselves, off the internet - or at least raise public awareness to your hidden agendas.

In your latest post you talk about Jeremy intimidating you, even though he has remained silent due to legal advice, then you go on to ask how his newborn baby is in an intimidating manner. You're not concerned about the baby at all, you just use the baby to take another swipe at him. But now you are dragging his wife into your hate campaign, too.

THAT is intimidation of the worst kind because you are using a newborn baby as an ulterior motive to fight his innocent parents.

We will not stop until you, and your secret 'Dream Team', who hide behind young children (Madeleine McCann, Ben Needham, Shannon Matthews etc) are exposed and dealt with by the law.

Why did you have to retreat into a 'secret forum' to discuss Madeleine, Ben and Shannon? The 3 Arguido's openly discuss these children but people don't have to log in to be able to read it. Is it because they're not conducing a 'Child at Risk' campaign such as yours?

Why do you, a 52 year old man who writes sexually graphic stories about children, show up on Bebo as being a friend of a 16 year old girl? What possible reason is there for that?

You have threatened to distribute flyers around Bradford pubs to inform 'locals' that Jeremy is a child pervert. That is not only potentially endangering his life from vigilantes, but also the life of his newborn baby and wife.

You have accused Jill of being part of a 'paedophile ring' and posted her details on the internet which may also cause vigilantes to congregate outside her house. Why? Because you didn't like her book.
You, and your team, base your entire hate campaign on one poem that was written by a grieving father in his deepest, darkest hour - you use this poem over and over again as though it is the most vital piece of evidence to have his newborn taken away - and you drag innocent people into your hate campaign, based on this poem, simply because they chose to support this man when you made fun of his stillborn daughter in your shoutbox. As a man who does not even have children, you will not be able to understand what it means to lose one.

Children are for life, not for your perverted pleasure.

Does a baby deserve to be taken from his parents because of a poem? Does a driving instructor deserve to lose her business because of a poem - and does Jane from Fife deserve to lose her life in a suicide attempt because of a poem?

These are just some of the reasons we will not stop. We have the right to reply to your accusations and that is what we are doing.

All the links to the evidence mentioned in this post can be found on this blog.

Where is your evidence Hitchen?


Anonymous said...

Jeremy Young has abslutely nothing to do with this blog which makes these desperate attempts by hitchen to "get at him" all so very pathetic. JY is too wrapped up in his new baby and, along with his "wife", in being a fantastic parents (backed up by the police and social services telling hitchen to lay off because there is no cause for concern over the welfare of JY's baby).

This latest attempt shows he has totally run out of things to say. There's nothing to find out and nothing to use in any attempts to ruin people's lives. Tough luck hitchen. The righteous always win.

By the way, to clear up any confusion, we here are the righteous and we have won. You have proved nothing and all that has happened on this blog is a copy-and-paste of things you yourself have written with actual links to the posts. You are a big fan of the copy-and-paste so you can't complain about any of it. It's all good publicity (even though it's publicity for shonky work)

Pack up your keyboard and retire gracefully. Or don't. Who cares?

Anonymous said...

Enough already Hitchen you are fighting a losing battle so pack it in FGS.

Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah blahhhh!!!!!!!

Getting desparate Mr Hitchen

Anonymous said...

Eh Hitchen if it hurts to read the truth about yourself and your co-horts stop coming here, simple as.

Anonymous said...

No personal information revealed here that hasn't already appeared elsewhere on the internet.

Anonymous said...

Blog owner YOU ROCK...Tell it like it is thats what I say.

Hitchen is trying to goad TFA into fighting back by mentioning Mrs TFA.

TFA dignified as always unlike Hitchen.

Anonymous said...

'including the blogs of two high profile activists well known to and respected by the British media, for their work in highlighting deficiencies in the child protection system.'

Well known and respected?????? absolute poppycock.

Anonymous said...

Nah Hitchen you are wrong AGAIN. There is nothing on here that hasn't already been posted on the net about Primavera.

Funny really it's ok for Primavera to post peoples ip addys isn't it? I'd say that was personal info.

Anonymous said...

I would find it very amusing if it turned out that these women were well known and respected by the british media...Imagine the field day they would have in finding out just what kind of women they really are and who they associate with.

Maybe an idea for the blog owner to find out.

Anonymous said...

Respected by the British media Mr Hitchen? would that be the same British media that you, marianna and primavera constantly slag off at any given moment?

Yep thought so.

Anonymous said...

Good point!

Anonymous said...

Any idiot can highlight deficiencies in child protection FFS.

As above mentioned Primavera does have a thing for posting IP adresses, get for facts straight Mr Maggot.

Anonymous said...

Lets face it who in their right mind would want respect from the British media, LOL says it all really cos we all know what the British media are...A Pack of Dogs feeding off peoples misery and making money from it...

Now!!! that reminds of someone.

Anonymous said...

'The question has to be asked - what is the real agenda behind these attacks '

The agenda Mr Hitchen is to get you off the net, to stop you spreading your fifth around the net, to stop you grooming young kids and to stop your attacks TFA and JKH and thats just for starters.

Now would you like to tell us your agenda...No??? thought not.

interested said...

13:32 Anon - very good point. And if he did tell us his agenda it most definitely would not make pleasant reading.

We know what results he likes to achieve and is proud of.

Anonymous said...

Do you remember writing this Mr Hitchen?

'A smile crosses my face as I point towards the ladder. You remember the ladder well, tilted at about 45 degrees, leading to a loft covered with a bed of hay. You remember being tied to the ladder, as I took the riding whip to you, to break you like a wild horse. Your eyes glow with terror, "surely not" you are thinking. I admit, for a while I am tempted, but my manhood can wait no longer. Come my child, let me walk behind you, as you lead me to the Garden of Eden.'

How do you have the nerve to ask what the agenda is...Self explanatory really.

Anonymous said...

Hitchen is unfortunately very clever at twisting the truth or inventing lies (with NO prof of their validity)and he is VERY apt, when asked questions to refuse to answer them, and therefore he cannot substantiate his lies or himself. Its very noticeable and his self styled worldwide acclaim as a blogger or "australian journalist" is now considered a taboo blog of a sexually perverted man with hidden agendas and personal money making motives.

He could stop it if only he had the guts to reply to questions asked. he won't. He knows he has been found out. He knows many people (not just on this blog) are intent to ruin him, his reputation, and his business and show him up for what he really is - he can stop all this and salvage something but he won't. He'll choose to lie and invent and never ever be answerable - a wimp and a coward and a con man.

Anonymous said...

'BLOGGER' is that your claim to fame Maggot? is that all you have done with your life Maggot?


Anonymous said...

he can twist the truth as much as he likes the truth of the matter is the truth is in black and white for all to see, written by the man himself.

and theres NO denying that truth.

Anonymous said...

'Incidentally Young, how is your newborn baby'

Incidentally Hitchen piglet is doing just fine he's lovely jubbly thanks for asking.

Anonymous said...

'British media' is that meant to make us shake in our boots?

Yeah i'm really scared.

Yawn, yawn, time for a nap methinks.

Richard Head said...

If this pair of so-called activists are so high-profile why have none of us ever heard of them (by us I mean those of us who are part of the British Media industry) other than on the pages of an obscure little blog from an obscure little man on the other side of the planet?

Anonymous said...


So high-profile they are nobody even bothers leaving any comments on their blogs.

All they do is accuse and stir up hatred for the MCCanns, just like Hitchen.