Sunday, 13 April 2008

Mike Hitchen's smokescreen

Mike Hitchen, the sexual predator who wrote about tying a child to a ladder before exploring her 'Garden of Eden', keeps up his smokescreen of pretending to care about another child, Madeleine McCann.


Anonymous said...

You're fooling nobody Hitchen. We've seen too much of what you've written to think you actually care about Madeleine. You never did care - you just latched onto the big issue to get some attention.

WHEN ARE THE POLICE GOING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS PERSON??? Looks like he's getting away with it.

Anonymous said...

He's not getting away with anything! I don't think for one moment the legal side of things will be displayed on this blog or anywhere else at the moment. Take "no news" as "good news"

Anonymous said...

Stop pretending you care about Madeleine you vile maggot.