Saturday, 19 April 2008

Stuffit on Vera Broughton : remember this?


Anonymous said...

So, is that nasty piece of work known as Vera over on his forum the same Vera Broughton? Who is stuffit? I don't remember this at all so I'd quite like to learn some more please.

Anonymous said...

oldcrone replied to stuffit
If you think that by posting this twice you're going to stop us reading Mike's blog, you are very much mistaken...

She's true to her word is that oldcrone since she's still very actively supporting Mike Bitchin everywhere.

Cannot fathom it, just cannot understand how he still has support from people.

cassiopia hater said...

That's an interesting link actually, thanks very much. If you read to the end that cow primavera crops up there as well with her usual brand of patronising sarcasm in defence of maggot.

Funny looking back to last july to see what was being said then. Thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

I remember this incident very well. Vera's post (yes, the same Vera who is on Mike's forum and the 3 arguido's) wrote an awful email to the McCann's about Maddy being raped and torn apart and Mike said he enjoyed it. There was uproar on his forum and he deleted many posts.

The ones who are left in maggots cave are a sick bunch.

Anonymous said...

Funny how this dates back to July 2007 and people were wise to him then. Why did it take us so long to work it out?

hitchen hater said...

Has anybody considered that primavera is possibly a member of his spanking group and posts there under an alias?

Seeing that she is a teacher and backs the very name of a so called author (with a hidden spanking agenda) then I am sure that the Education Authorities will want to check her out.

She has time to research the Australian and back off. If she chooses to still follow him then I think we can all assume where her personal sexual preferences lay.

This brings me back to her employment as a teacher and quite what her own PERSONAL ulterior motives are in attending a paid employment to teach young children?

I am sure the School's Headmaster and the Governing committee would be MORE than interested to receive links to her posts in backing a sexual pervert who is far too interested in spanking under age children!

It's high time she did her own homework, or if she really agrees with her perverted blogger then its high time she was removed from her teaching career.

Anonymous said...

erm...a quick Google search produced this. Can't be the same, can it?: (Comments section of the Daily Mail)
It's about time someone did something constructive about OAP's not getting any increase in fuel allowance.

As an OAP myself, I am sick to my stomach as to which to choose out of eating and freezing or being warm and going hungry.

At this moment, I am sitting under a blanket to keep warm just so I can have half a can of beans on toast for the only meal I will have today.

Is an instant increase in heat allowance too much to ask for after the government has taken tax off me all my working life.

If I was an MP, illegal immigrant or had lived my life on the dole, I would be treated better by this government. As one of many OAP's in Britain who live in poverty, we don't seem to count for anything at all. I am surprised that some MP hasn't suggested euthanasia for the elderly so the government wouldn't have to pay us a pension at all.

- Vera Broughton, Southend, Essex

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, this is getting better and better. Google search that old hag. She has signed loads of online petitions (eg to have the twins taken away from the McCanns), and is a regular insane contributor on the Mail's comments section. She appears to have been born in 1933. She dislikes immigrants, claims that the UK police are no good at nailing peados (got that one right ducky, but not quite the ones you were thinking of) and is generally McCann obsessed, She hates them.
I think she may also have been ateacher in the past.

Which is beginning to worry me - the number of these warped women in the teaching profession, supporting a man who writes sexual fantasies about kids.

Anonymous said...

How come Hitchen didn't start a "Twins at Risk" campaign? He hates the McCanns, so why did he single Jeremy out?

Easier target I guess.

Despite what anyone thinks of the McCann's it's hardly fair to target their children and sign petitions to have them taken away - they're the innocent ones in all this. Why should they have to be punished?

Besides, even though Hitchen publicly publishes his libel saying the McCann's are prime suspects in the death of their daughter, that hasn't actually been established yet, or they'd have been arrested by now.

Maybe we should start a petition to get maggot taken away from his computer?

Anonymous said...

I would gladly start a petition to have him separated from his gonads, but I feel that may not help the cause much