Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Hitchen updates Child at Risk blog

Mike Hitchen updates his 'Child at Risk' campaign blog to include reference to the NSPCC baby, as though he knew about it all along. However, he fails to remove the reference to Jeremy's wife who, along with their newborn baby 'Piglet' (month old 'Piglet' is the subject of Hitchen's Hate Campaign) is totally innocent of all accusations as proven by the letter from the police.

(link to letter below in which the police say there is NO evidence of any criminal activity and NO further investigation by the police is required. However, Hitchen continues to refer to Jeremy as a child pervert and questions his wife's ability to be a mother, despite being warned by the police to desist from making these unfounded and defamatory accusations)



Anonymous said...

Hitchen, you are a hideous individual. Hideous.

YOU are actually all the things you accuse others' of being.

It is called 'projection' and it is a mental illness.

Get help or STFU, before you really do ruin someone's life. Piglet is just fine and will continue to be so unless your vigilantes spoil his young life.

You are despicable. Utterly despicable.

Anonymous said...


Still poking around on our blog are you Hitcy?

Anonymous said...

Scared you'll miss something, Hitchen?

Us here, we don't miss a thing!

Anonymous said...

The silly git does not realise that because he lives in Australia he is NOT exempt from the British legal system and our laws.

He does not realise that NewsNow have been informed (he has to submit articles, they don't pick out any)

So, as to damages and payments - who owns the flat, mama or maggot? he has collateral and I hope Jeremy sues him and bankrupts him - and he and momma will be on the streets soon when the bailiffs arrive on the doorstep - goody!

Anonymous said...

I've just updated maggots links with all the UK daily papers, Arin and RSS feeds, also NewsNow - so let's see how much he gets published in future.Wherever he is I know and wherever he posts I will also advise editorial staff of Mike Hitchens hidden agenda. He can't hide from me - I can find him easily.

If he backs off from TFA and JKH I will back off but until he does then I am set to ruin his life and his business and in consequence his/Momma's home simply by sending people the links to his real identity for them to see for themselves.

(oh - hello maggot! time you backed off because people here have links to people and places that in your dreams you could not reach) how's mama? hope you are looking after her. She does not want another fall else you'll be seeing the cops and you are already on record so another accident will be a bit too much, savvy?

Anonymous said...

Wish the scumbag would make up his mind. He hates britain but joins the Welsh expats:

Anonymous said...

Scroll to his comment about his fiancee. As if!

Anonymous said...

Get over yourself Hitchen. Still got no articles found.

Anonymous said...


St Louis Cardinal tickets would cost quite a bit more than $6, I should think. And possibly quite it bit more than crappy market bags for Momma.

Show us the receipts Mr Hitchen and we might believe you.

Anonymous said...

Post @ 22.33

thats why i dont believe he got them flyers done about tfa, he wouldn't fork out for them.