Monday, 31 March 2008

Mike Hitchen's ongoing Hate Campaign

Presumably it was Mike Hitchen who "discredited" Jill Havern's book and now
questions her "fitness" to be a driving instructor.

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Open letter to Mike Hitchen

Dear Mike Hitchen

Following your recent post on your ionglobaltrends blog please answer the following questions:

1. Please provide evidence of the "widespread concern" which relates to the alleged sexual remarks by Jeremy Young.

2. Please provide evidence of the confirmation of the investigation by Child and Public Protection Unit, Bradford, to which you refer.

3. You say a number of references were made regarding the alleged sex acts with Jeremy's stillborn baby. Please provide evidence of the number of references and their content.

4. Please provide evidence of "other references between child and parent" that you allege took place.

5. Please clarify who is the "widely respected Australian blogger" to whom you refer.

6. Please provide evidence of the alleged "attacks" on blogs of anyone connected to you.

7. Please confirm who it is who has discredited author Jill Havern.

8. Please provide evidence of the "hoax call" made to NSW police.

9. Please provide evidence of the forums that you claim Jill Havern has been banned from.

You will note that this blog has been laden with evidence on our part, so it is only fair to invite you to do the same. You are respectfully invited to use the comments box provided or you can send your evidence by email and it will be published on this blog.

Clearly you have such evidence or you would not risk publishing such accusations. You will note that this is an open and public blog and people will be able to make their own minds up following the submission of your evidence. If you do not trust your evidence to be posted on this blog, then please post it on your own blog for the world to see.

We await your response.

Thank you.

Mike Hitchen's latest spew

Saturday, 29 March 2008


Any clues why Mike Hitchen's Hate/Child at Risk campaign should be labelled under Madeleine McCann and New Zealand Publishing? Answers on a postcard - or in the comments box please.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

News at Ten: Mike Hitchen has a one hour meeting with NSW Police

Press Release:

"UPDATE: The NSPCC has advised that they have contacted the Child Protection Police in Bradford who assured them that they have undertaken an investigation which includes working alongside other agencies.

Jill Havern is also the centre of a complaint with West Midlands Police and following a one hour meeting with New South Wales Police, they too are aware of what has been happening. Police in at least two other countries have also been contacted by other victims of their campaign."

The following is a transcript from the 1 hour meeting:

Maggot: Hello Mr Policeman, I'd like to make a complaint please.

NSW policeman: Hello again Mr Maggot, what complaint have you got today?

Maggot: Well, there's a woman in the UK who's stalking me.

NSW policeman: Really? Do you have any proof?

Maggot: No. But that's not all. She wrote a book about the NHS and made outrageous claims!

NSW policeman: Really? What claims were they?

Maggot: Well, I don't know, I didn't read the crap book.

NSW policeman: I see. Is there anything else I can help you with, Mr Maggot?

Maggot: Yes, there is. She and a big pink cat from Ealing have created a blog about me that contains pornographic material!

NSW policeman: Really... do you have any spoof... er, sorry, proof?

Maggot: Well, no.

NSW policeman: Mr Maggot, before we can take any action we need to see hard evidence.

Maggot: OK, how about this then... she wouldn't talk dirty to me and she queried one of my articles on my award winning blog and then she had the audacity to leave my award winning blog when I attacked another blogger about his baby!

NSW policeman: Go on, Mr Maggot, tell me more.

Maggot: Well, there isn't any more. BUT, hang on a minute! She's now forced me to create a libellous blog about her and the other blogger! And she's also forced me to register with tons of forums so that I can post vile things about them both! She's even forced me to start a 'child at risk' campaign! Can you imagine how much of my time that takes up when I could be walking through the boys' school with my camera or writing pervy stories about spanking children? Indeed, only last night I was on their blog for more than 5 hours posting pornographic comments in an attempt to get their spoof blog shut down. What are you going to do about it Mr Policeman?

NSW policeman: Mr Maggot, can I please ask you to put this jacket on? I realise the arms are very long and that they tie up at the back but...

Maggot: Oh, very nice, but do you have it in any other colour? And why are you putting me in this room with no windows? Hello???

1 hour meeting consisting of:
3 minutes to report complaint
57 minutes to secure jacket

Mike Hitchen and Primavera's plan didn't quite pay off
Someone had fun last night posting multiple, and various, pornographic comments (pic 2) to this blog, which were deleted as fast as they were being posted, and the comments facility was closed overnight to prevent further spamming. The ip was traced to Australia, despite the proxy showing the Philippines. This same someone was reading the goings-on over at the 3Arguido's because his entry link on the statcounter (pic 1) showed that was where he was coming from to get onto this blog. He stayed on this blog for over 5 hours! It begs the question why anyone from Australia would need to use a proxy to disguise his presence on this blog in order to post pornographic comments anonymously on a site that is trying to stop a 'child at risk' campaign created by Mike Hitchen in Australia - who posts pornographic content using the 'anonymous' name 'Anthony'.
Despite Primavera complaining about the 'same' Philippino spamming her blog, you can see from the bottom pic that, once they were back in Mike's secret 'Dream Team' forum, she told Mike he was very clever (pic 3).

These two people, amongst others on Mike's forum (Mariana Faithful, Pamalam etc), have created websites to allegedly seek justice for Madeleine McCann whilst plotting to have an innocent newborn baby taken from his parents, and to intentionally disrupt any efforts to stop their campaign.

Make of it what you will, but this campaign will continue until Baby Young is no longer under any kind of threat from Hitchen and his accomplices because that is what real justice for ALL children means.
Hitchen has now updated his 'press release' on his business blog.
(are the press really taking notice of him?)

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Mike Hitchen: This is what real men do for children

Mike, take a real close look at this photo. It's a real man fighting a real war with an innocent child caught in the crossfire. The only war you are capable of fighting is a 'blog war' from the safety of your bedroom - but with an innocent child caught in your line of fire. Grow up, and let Freddie do the same.

Mike Hitchen's update on his 'Child at Risk' campaign

Monday, 17 March 2008

Risk Assessment

"How a maggot develops"

I see you have also made another post about Jeremy Young titled Risk Assessment.

In that article you ask many questions about Jeremy's suitability to adopt a child.

Has it slipped your attention that he and his wife do not need to adopt? His wife is having a baby. You will be aware of that because you have created a 'child at risk' campaign, supported by the likes of Mariana Faithful, to have this baby removed from his parents.

You even advertise your campaign on your so-called 'business blog' which you state is accessed by schoolchildren.

So where does your latest article come into the great scheme of things? Is this just another attempt at vindictive malice? Are you really so bored and lonely that you cannot think of more constructive things to do with your day? Is it half term over there and the schools are closed and you have no children to watch?

On the other hand, maggot, I wonder what your own suitability would be for adopting a child when you have written many perverted stories about taking advantage of young children and have publicly published these stories on the internet? Anyone wishing to find these stories only have to look at the links published on the right hand side of this blog titled "Mike Hitchen's Pervy Links". There are many more of these stories to be found, but reading those will give anyone an insight into your warped and dangerous mind.

Of course, you have also publicly published, on the internet, your hatred and revenge for your mother.

Bates Motel is hardly a proper environment for any child.

Hacking with hobnob

So, Mike Hitchen has made another posting on his 'Child at Risk' blog:

"Friday, March 14, 2008
This is how Young and his supporters try to attack a private forum. They use Reflected Networks. Wikipedia has this to say about the IP Address they use: This IP address has been blocked because it is believed to be an open proxy or zombie computer.

I have deleted the passowrd/member name they tried to use and replaced it with **** "

Maggot, this is old news and has already been addressed, proven and rubbished that your 'alleged' hackers did not come from this site. You can see the results here, here, and here.

You will see from this post, that was copied directly from Maggot's forum on 15th March, that the alleged 'hacker' used hobnobs details. Oops, sorry Mike, you wanted that deleted didn't you? Oh well, never mind, what's a few public details between friends enemies?

Mike, you need to come up with concrete facts about your accusations because all you're doing is being a total knob-head and toilet queen and no one takes you seriously anymore. You also need to accept that no one needs to hack your 'private' forum because many of us are already in it at your own invitation!

It is obvious that you pretended to hack hobnobs account just so that you could print more libellous material on your libellous blog.

This blog is factual. Yours is not.

Maggot's new blog award

Congratulations on your new blog award, Mike! We all know how much they mean to you :)

Mariana Faithful supports Mike Hitchen's 'Child at Risk' campaign

Mariana Faithful supports 'Child at Risk' campaign in her comment box - then closes her comment box. Too late, Mariana, we've got it!

Hello maggot, how nice of you to visit again

Comments taken from 'Chemist' thread.

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Is there anything else we can help you with Mr Hitchen?

Mr Hitchen please feel free to use this space to tell us what more of your accusations we can rubbish. Because everything you've said so far has got evidence to disprove it. The only things we can't prove so far are the accusations where YOU have not provided evidence to back-up your claims.

Strange that.

And, surprise surprise, not on 'Sydney's Irresistible but then so was Jack' blog either....

Nope, not on main blog either

It's not us

Your 'hackers' don't seem to have come from this site, Mike. Maybe you have more 'enemies' than you think? In fact, Mike, could it not be that you are using that IP address yourself to create suspicion, and garner sympathy from your staunch 'child at risk' campaigners, because your IP address that is logged on here is and it says you've only visited here once, which was 12th March at 14.40pm. Yet, strangely, you have left comments on this blog on various dates, so which IP were you using then, I wonder, hmmmm?

Master of disguises aren't you?

Mike Hitchen catches 'em red-handed

So, if the organisation 'hacking' Mike is called Reflected Networks why is he targetting TFA and Jill? Something to do, I suppose.

Mike Hitchen tracking his 'hackers'

As Hitchen knows all our IP addresses why does he keep calling us 'hackers' when our IP addresses don't match?

Mona and judyo encourage Mike to set up new blog

Hitchen 'Quote of the Decade' 29 January 2004 :)

Oh the little cowards are trying to hack in again:)

Actually, most of your 'hackers' are actually people who log in at your invitation Mike - they're just not on your side as you think they are that's all. :)

Number 1 maggot fan: JennyG the moderator

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Oldcrone from the 3 Arguido's - the site set up for Justice for Madeleine McCann

Oldcrone, weren't you the one who got into TFA's forum under false pretences then went whining back to Hitchen so he could get it closed down? Why are you on a blog that seeks justice for Madeleine McCann when you turn your back on justice for an unborn baby and, indeed, quite clearly support a deranged pervert who has instigated a 'child at risk' campaign based on a poem written by a grieving father?

Isabel and Marriane support Mike Hitchen's 'child at risk' campaign

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Mike Hitchen's new libellous post - Child abuse: The man who abused his stillborn daughter

Hitchen's ip address

More charm abuse from Mike Hitchen

New threat to Jeremy Young

Bluejay gets in on the act

Pamalam glad to be back with Mike Hitchen

Pamalam is a woman who is collecting evidence about Madeleine McCann on her blog: Gerry McCann's Blogs. *By Pamalam - whilst, at the same time, supporting Mike Hitchen's 'Child at Risk' campaign to have Freddie removed from Jeremy Young and his wife. Freddie is not born yet, and Mike has reported Jeremy to Social Services because he wrote a poem about his stillborn daughter. So desperate was Pamalam to rejoin his forum that she has now signed up with a new name.


Mike Hitchen invites the "Dead Ethels" to pop to the chemist for a permanent solution to all their problems.

Mike Hitchen comments from main blog

Mike Hitchen comments saved from main blog (post title "Click pics to enlarge for bestest clarity") for those of you who may have missed them.

Mike Hitchen creates a blog for a baby?