Friday, 14 March 2008

Edited version of Mike Hitchen's new blog as he tells more lies to attack with


jkh said...

Mike, Mike, Mike...

It's simply not possible to write a foreword for a book that is already printed and published.

Change the record and get your facts right.

Where is your proof of all these allegations? I have provided proof, so why can't you?

Yes, I donated to Brian because he said he was going to Portugal to find Madeleine. Whereas I paid you for an article you didn't write.

Brian gave me a refund when he didn't go to Portugal, but you didn't give me a refund when you failed to write my article did you?

Get your facts right and get over it.

Anonymous said...

Don't waste your energy on him Jill. Nobody's going to care about his pathetic copy-cat blog except those he's told about it over on his forum (funny how only a small number of his supporters have been posting over the last couple of days since the "hacker" got in. Funny to think he thinks he's sorted the problem LOL).

Oh, and don't forget the people WE've told about it, like the police, the social services (Bradford and Lane Cove - even more concerned about momma hitch now), the Australian Tax Office, the media, a few academics on both sides of the world. It helps having someone on our team who's an internationally-known academic, doesn't it ;) He's not an international sex-symbol like the maggot but I think he can live with that.

Oh yes, he's helped us much more than he's helped himself, which isn't dificult considering he's not helped himself one little bit.

Good things come to those who wait and we've been waiting (and working) very patiently.

Look for the signs Maggot.

Anonymous said...
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I Come in Peace said...

I wrote on Hitchen's old blog that no charges would be put to the McCanns because of a lack of evidence. I was shot down in flames but said I'd return in a few months to say "I told you so". He then banned my messages. Couldn't handle somebody knowing more than him, I guess.

I came on here recently to say the same thing, that the McCanns will not be charged.

Now I am here to say it is verh obvious to the inner circle what is happening here. Hitchen has realised that I was indeed correct and he is utterly desolate and bereft at the thought that he has no figure to use to fight the turmoil of his inner demons. Along came Jill Havern and Jeremy Young who, through no apparent fault of their own, have become Hitchen's figures of hate. He is transposing all his self-hatred onto them in a desperate attempt to feel better about himself.

He will get bored when nobody takes any notice of his new blogs. My advice is to not even visit to see if he has added anything new, because there will be nothing new. Nobody will read them and they will have no affect. When he gets no "emotional reward" from this latest hate crime, he will move onto the next victim. Hopefully somebody who deserves it.

Just sit back and ignore his blitz. It will drop off the radar, as will Hitchen when his crimes catch up with him. His conscience will never catch up with him, however, but that is for him to deal with alone.

jkh said...

Ah, yes, that would be the email you sent me where you said you'd tracked HenryDog123 and you had proof that it was Philomena McCann!!!!

But, of course, she wasn't Philomena was she because she came onto your blog and had it out with you didn't she?

You then made one of your famous blogs for her didn't you?

You even listed that under Madeleine McCann's name.

The Grubs: Hi Bev
Monday, 25th June, 2007

In fact, for anyone interested in researching Hitchen blog, you only have to look at the blog below Bev's to see that he was complaining about abuse, threats and obscene messages even back in June. Nothing changes does it?

So why doesn't he just accept that he's an evil, viscious piece of work and quit blaming me and TFA for all the troubles in his life?

Is it because TFA and I are easy targets because he knows our names and everyone else is anonymous?

Yes, that must be it.

jkh said...

Who am I supposed to be stalking, Mike? You?

Any particular reason why you would think you're stalkable?

Are you handsome? No.
Have you got charm? No.
Have you got wit? No.
Have you got a nice personality? No.
Have you got talent? No.
Have you got a nice car? No.
Can you even drive? No.
Have you got a nice house? No.
Are you minted? No.
Have you got anything at all? No.

On a scale of 1 - 10 of eligible-bachelor stalkability you don't even register do you?

Aren't you the one who's stalking me for the simple reason I'm the only one you know who isn't anonymous and that makes me an easy target? As you say, you find people's weak spots and twist the sword. Any harm done is of no interest to you. You quoted that back in September 2001. You've been doing this for a considerable number of years to other people, haven't you? You haven't grown tired of your games, in fact it seems to be the only reason you get out of bed in the morning.

You have now sunk to an even lower depth of depravity by targetting a stillborn baby and now an unborn baby with your absolutely wicked 'child at risk' campaign. Because you have never had children, you don't want other people to have them either.

Do you really believe, in your warped and twisted mind, that you could possibly be attractive to any woman?

Have you any idea at all how people perceive you and your behaviour?

That is why you don't have a woman in your life, Mike, except your mother - and she doesn't have much choice does she? You have also publicly stated that you are taking revenge on her, despite her being old and sick.

You target the elderly, the young, the dead, the unborn, the vulnerable and anyone who dares to have a name.

What kind of person are you? You portray yourself to be a victim. You project your own vileness and evilness onto others and twist your own words so that you believe others' have said them.

Ask yourself, Mike, do you honestly think anyone believes you are stalkable?

Anonymous said...

Of course the sadsack believes it.

Anonymous said...

I have read your book that shows a date of printing and publication and already contains a forward.

How can maggot post about not writing a forward to a book that is already in print to retract sonething he never ever could have done?

He wanted to give a plug to a book and charged money to do so, pure and simple. He makes it out to be that he was some sort of editor whose opinions would make a book into a best seller. His ego knows no bounds.

Anonymous said...

Wish Jill Havern was stalking me!

What a looker.


Brian said...

She certainly is!

Mike must have thought he'd died and gone to heaven. But he obviously don't know how to treat a lady, especially one who works so hard to save someone's life.

Good for you Jill!

Excellent news about your american radio interview too. It was extremely interesting and educational.

I admire you.

Anonymous said...

Hitchen have you looked in the mirror lately???

Why would JKH want to stalk you??

Bumb Ass get a life why don'tcha