Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Mike Hitchen passes details to Bradford Social Services and CPU


Anonymous said...

Let's get this strauight Mike Hitchen - I'd like you to come on here and say it in black and white with no spin.

You have reported Jeremy Young to the Social Services all the way from Australia because of poetry and blogs he has written? Without ever knowing him or speaking to him? You have taken such an openly vindictive stance against him for what reason? What do you hope will be the end result? That the child is taken away at birth from its parents? Is that how you will view success with this?

Why do you so openly call him a paedophile? You don't even suggest or hint at that, you come right out into the open and say it straight. You can't go making accusations like that without proof.

Did you ever think you should report people like film directors, authors, actors and the like about the words they write or work with? You pretend to care about children at risk, even when they're not at risk but it seems to me more like you have an an unnatural and unhealthy obsessional hatred for Jeremy Young and you will seize on absolutely anything you can find to try to destroy his life.

I remember you saying in one of your "conversations", which still exists on the internet, that you hoped he would take a trip to the chemist and buy enough pills to put him out his misery. Basically you will not be happy until he is dead, is that it?

You need to get some proper help.

Anonymous said...

Hitchen will NEVER come here and say anything because he is a COWARD. Hiding half way round the world behind his keyboard. What was he thinking when he started down this route? I can't see that person he named being at all happy to be associated with it?

Anonymous said...

anon @ 09.55

have you got a link for that conversation please where he talks about people going to the chemist?

Anonymous said...

It's in the transcript, do a search for the word chemist

Anonymous said...

Found it. I bet there are certain oficials who would be only too glad to know that he's encouraging suicide and trying to take credit for any attempts. It's not murder in the first degree of course, but it's not normal behaviour either.

Anonymous said...

Hitchen thinks there's some significance in the fact that to begin with the Bradford social services referred to TFA as Mr Young but now they are referring to him as Mr Y. He really thinks this means something. Yes it does, you twonk! It's common practice under the data protection act. Drongo.
See how he tries to twist things to make it look mysteriously in his favour?

Lies, twist and spin
That is Maggot Hitchen