Monday, 31 March 2008

Mike Hitchen's ongoing Hate Campaign

Presumably it was Mike Hitchen who "discredited" Jill Havern's book and now
questions her "fitness" to be a driving instructor.


Anonymous said...

Ha - as we all know nobody reads his crappy pages anyway so I wouldn't worry about it. Have you noticed a decline in pupils Jill?

He says you've admitted to making a hoax call. But as far as we know you did not make a hoax call at all. You sent a genuine email, as did at least two other people, all of which were responded to where the police said they could not get involved. The evidence is on this site. Yet Hitchen claims he had a police visit as a result.

Which forums have you been banned from? And what makes him think he's got the details of those?

Were you forced to withdraw untrue remarks about hitchen from your site? You will know the truth about that whereas he doesn't have a clue.

Most of hitchens claims here are libelous and he will be banking on you not spending money to pursue a poor loser who could not pay any damages. Suing him would give personal satisfaction and would cost a lot of money. He is probably banking on that. Hope you're putting your lottery numbers on each week, Jill ;).

Anonymous said...

LOL - just seen this. Maggot says he wrote an "excellent review" of Jill's "crap book". So why the hell did he lie about how great the book is if he thinks it's crap?! Would he perjure himself in court? You betcha.

Also like the way he thinks his review was excellent when he didn't really write anything of note. I remember it all happening at the time and he sang Jill's praises in his comments pages in response to comments she was making. He was most certainly "into" her at the time. Only sour grapes and bitterness made him change his mind.

Anonymous said...

He was most certainly "into" her at the time. Only sour grapes and bitterness made him change his mind.

31 March 2008 14:20

And the fact she wasn't into his kinky/spanking ways.

Anonymous said...

Hell hath on fury like a spanky man scorned.

Get over it Hitch! JKH is not and never was interested in you.

jkh said...

Hiya anons

1. I have not noticed a decline in pupils at all - I have always had a full diary of work and continue to do so, to the point where I have a 2 month waiting list.

2. I did not make a hoax call. For one reason, it's too expensive to phone Australia and another reason is because I could not send evidential links by phone. I did email the NSW police and I have no qualms in admitting that. According to the email I received from NSW police they said they could not take action until I reported him here in the UK. I did report him here and was told the complaint was the responsibility of the NSW police! It was a bit like 'pass the parcel'...

3. I only post on the 3 Arguido's forum sometimes and you will see that my username JKH is still active.

4. I was not forced to withdraw untrue remarks from my website. The remarks were true and the only reason I removed the posts was because the site is about the NHS and I felt the tone was being lowered by including Mike Hitchen's Hate Campaign. The blog owner kindly lets me submit my evidence here now.

5. As for the lottery numbers, I played it once and didn't win a thing!

Anonymous said...

Don't explain yourself Jill it's Hitchen who needs to do that.

Anonymous said...

No need to explain yourself as said by Anon at 14.40, but the very fact that you did give a quick reponse to the questions shows yet again how you are a far superior human being than hitchen, who has STILL refused to answer your straightforward questions. (Strike that - hitchen is a sub-species, not a human)

Jill has nothing to hide hitchen - shame you can't say the same same.

jkh said...
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Anonymous said...

IF and only IF any of Mr Hitchen's odious remarks about JKH are true...what the f*ck does it have to do with her ability to be a driving instructor for lord's sake?

Anonymous said...

Why is blog owner deleting comments? Not had more obscene rantings from the Philipines have you?

Anonymous said...

Hitchen, what planet are you on? Did you really think Jill would take the time and pay the airfare to fly from England to Australia to discuss your writing a foreword for her new book?

And why would you write a foreword for a book if the first one you read was 'rather crap'?

Not that it was rather crap or presumably you wouldn't have written an 'excellent review' of it.

Wonder why you really suggested she get together with you? I think you had a lucky escape there Jill.

blog owner said...

no, the reason the post was deleted was because it was posted in the wrong comments box and I was asked to delete it. :)

Anonymous said...

Jill - that creep is bellow contempt. Keep busy and happy - that is the best put-down for that bitter loser.


Anonymous said...

Why did Hitchen write an excellent review if he thought the book was crap?

What has any of this to do with Jill's ability to teach people how to drive. How would he know if she's a good driving instructor or not he doesn't know how to drive, except drive people crazy, up the wall or round the bend. I wish Hitchen had taken driving lessons from Jill, then she could have taken him out to the woods and left him there to rot.