Friday, 14 March 2008

Mike Hitchen's other new blog


Jill Havern said...

Prepare yourself for the police Mr Hitchen.

Anonymous said...

Hitchen wrote:
When she jumped into bed with the Bradford sicko, she then started attacking her.
What an incomprehensible piece of rot that is.
So Jill Havern jumped into bed with Jeremy Young and started attacking Mrs Hitchen, according to him. What is Maggot saying?? That his mum was in bed with TFA and JKH got jealous and jumped in there as well with fists flying?
I didn't know JKH and TFA had been to Australia to have a threesome with Mrs Hitchen. Now it all becomes clear why Maggot hates his mama - she gets the one Hitchen wants!
Sour Grapes Maggot.

Anonymous said...

Utter Rot Hitchen and you know it.

Lies! Lies! and more LIES.

You are a compulsive Liar Hitchen

Anonymous said...

Why don't you open your comments Maggaot.

My word what a big brave man you are.

Anonymous said...

How dare you Hitchen, you are not good enough to lick this Ladies boots and don't you forget it.

You nasty little shit.

Anonymous said...

Maggot is being investigated thanks to my police friends and their contacts in Australia. He has shot himself in the foot and much as he likes to hide his posts or amend them they have all been captured and date stamped.

I think quite soon you will find his blog (sadly)obsolete.

Checks are also being made as to his credentials (businessman etc) by an indirect contact in the fraud squad. These investigations have been going on for a few weeks and now that there seems to be sufficient evidence I can share it - too late to backtrack Hitchen, too late to delete things Hitchen, you have been caught!

Anonymous said...

Good. Hope he goes down very, very soon.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about this at all. At most he'll get 5 people reading that blog and they'll all have been directed by their lord and master to do so.
Except for the police officers and the social services of course. If they've not already visited by now they will soon.
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. He's not got the brains to think up things for himself so he has to rip off his ideas from over here. With his spoof blog, like with many many movies and books, the sequel is NEVER as good as the original. Better luck next time maggot-breath.

Anonymous said...

Ah so our brave maggot makes a new blog to attack two innocent victims and removes the comment facility. I wonder why he's done that? He does not seem to have the courage of his own convictions and he is far, far too afraid to see what people have to say to his latest vomit. This self opinionated 'media guru' of his paste and post RSS feeds, and this self proclaimed 'reputable businessman' (gag) removes the right of freedom of speech. Says it all really - the WIMP!! roflmfao.

Screw said...

He'll make a lovely prison wife!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes! there will be some big burly hairy Man just waiting for him.

Don't drop your soap in the shower now will you Hitch.

Anonymous said...

{Thorough and Patient
A thorough and patient intrstructor with a pleasant dispostion. This instructor is clearly motivated by her desire to steer her pupils to a first time pass. }


Dear Mr Hitchen

I write to thank you for putting me in the right direction for an excellent Driving Instructor, they are so very hard to find these days.

Once again many thanks Mr Hitchen you have been so very helpful.


route 666 said...

Jill, Hitchen's just jealous because he doesn't know how to drive, and anyway they don't give licences to the mentally unstable..

Anonymous said...

Jill H stalking Hitchen??? Ha you should be so lucky Hitchen.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Jill H stalking Hitchen??? Ha you should be so lucky Hitchen.

16 March 2008 19:34

In your dreams Hitchy! In your dreams!!!!!!