Friday, 14 March 2008

What else can we expect from the mentally retarded Mike Hitchen?


Anonymous said...

Maggot is in love with Jill Havern. He really is. There can be no other explanation for this obsessional behaviour. Poor Jill Havern - if she has to have a stalker I'm sure she'd appreciate one who's not so plug ugly as Maggot! Even one with teeth would be an improvement.

Can't really see Maggot being in love with Tranny tho. He must just be jealous of him because he writes better than Maggot. The same thing applies about the stalker though - one with teeth would be better!

jkh said...

Unrequited lurve is hard to bear is it maggot?

I'm not in lurve with you. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

Like we keep telling him:
Anything you can do we can do better
We can do anything better than you
His pathetic little copycat blog proves it!

Anonymous said...

I must agree that he is obviously in love with Jill. I think he's so jealous of Tranny too that he is lusting to slap his bottom. As neither of them are interested in him in the slightest he is acting like a scorned teenager. Hark! you'll hear the sound of maggot throwing his toys out of his pram.

copied and wasted said...

I think he's definitely in love with Jill - she is gorgeous isn't she Maggot? I'm sure he dreams about her every night. I'm sure he'd love to take Jill for a long drive in the moonlight..only....uh.oh...he doesn't know how to drive , so she'd have to be behind the wheel. Maybe you can take him to the woods and dump him Jill!