Sunday, 30 March 2008

Open letter to Mike Hitchen

Dear Mike Hitchen

Following your recent post on your ionglobaltrends blog please answer the following questions:

1. Please provide evidence of the "widespread concern" which relates to the alleged sexual remarks by Jeremy Young.

2. Please provide evidence of the confirmation of the investigation by Child and Public Protection Unit, Bradford, to which you refer.

3. You say a number of references were made regarding the alleged sex acts with Jeremy's stillborn baby. Please provide evidence of the number of references and their content.

4. Please provide evidence of "other references between child and parent" that you allege took place.

5. Please clarify who is the "widely respected Australian blogger" to whom you refer.

6. Please provide evidence of the alleged "attacks" on blogs of anyone connected to you.

7. Please confirm who it is who has discredited author Jill Havern.

8. Please provide evidence of the "hoax call" made to NSW police.

9. Please provide evidence of the forums that you claim Jill Havern has been banned from.

You will note that this blog has been laden with evidence on our part, so it is only fair to invite you to do the same. You are respectfully invited to use the comments box provided or you can send your evidence by email and it will be published on this blog.

Clearly you have such evidence or you would not risk publishing such accusations. You will note that this is an open and public blog and people will be able to make their own minds up following the submission of your evidence. If you do not trust your evidence to be posted on this blog, then please post it on your own blog for the world to see.

We await your response.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

You will be waiting a long time for Hitchen to produce any evidence of the accusations he has made against various people...Why? because there is no evidence there is not one word of truth in what this little man has said.

Anonymous said...

You know that, and I know that, but the whole world needs to know it.

Here is his chance to prove us wrong.

Will he or won't he?

Anonymous said...

No he won't cos he can't

A Fan said...

Maggot has no evidence. All he has is the same old email from social services. That's it. It is not confirmation that TFA is being investigated, ok maggot, just in case you are thinking of using that email where you are being fobbed off, think again,.

No evidence, never had and never will. This blog is full of evidence.

This blog contains evidence that Hitchens favourite photo is, and I quote "Two girls are bent over stools, knickers down. The father is sitting down reading a newspaper and the mother pottering around with something on what
looks like a kitchen range.

This proves what maggots mind is capable of. Why does he then blame other people for being paedophiles when clearly it is becoming more evident that maggot himself has paedophile tendencies, and loves to fantasise about incestuous relationships between father/daughter. There is plenty of evidence on this blog to prove what I say.
I have yet to find any evidence against Tfa and that is because there is none.

A Fan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

That post was so good it deserves to be posted twice ;)

A Fan said...

duplicated so deleted sorry

Anonymous said...

You make my skin crawl Hitchen you really do.

A Fan said...

The Guv'nor
Sue was a book keepers daughter,
She aspired to be one of the gentry
When she dated an Earl, her legs did unfurl
And she learned to enjoy double entry

Sues mum poor thing, she did worry
Used to be such a nice girl she said,
Dad said "don't fret, she's not too big yet
For me to make her bottom line red.

When Sue came home late one evening
Her father was pacing the floor
"Listen young Miss, what time d' you call this?"
A question she chose to ignore

Her father was seething with rage
Her mother was shedding a tear
"With your hide you will pay", she heard her dad say
And she was led from the room by her ear.

Sue was a bookkeepers daughter
She knew payment would not be deferred
A belt or a cane, would be causing her pain
Depending on what he preferred.

But Dad could not bring himself to use either
When he saw her bare bottom he knew it.
He said, "I'll be blowed" for her bum clearly showed
The Belted Earl had beaten him to it.

New Perspectives R.O.D

I'm telling you all, he needs to be in jail

Anonymous said...

OMG did he write this? This is abhorrent he is abhorrent.

Anonymous said...

As it's around 10 am over there no doubt he will be busy collating all his evidence to publish online so that we can see that the people on this blog are downright liars and he is the innocent one.

Waiting, Hitchen. Bring it on.

Anonymous said...

Everything written in maggot's latest spew is a complete misrepresentation of the actual truth - truth we can evidence in mere seconds. Maggot has on evidence to back up his twisted version because he's made it all up to paint these guys as warped. I have asked around and am in no doubt there is enough proof to bring a harassment case out against him. If it was me i'd do it but with Tranny having a new baby to fill his days i can see why he might not bother. Maggot's onto a loser in any case.

Anonymous said...

No-one reads Maggot's blog anymore anyway. If he did have any 'serious' readers left i'm sure they abandoned him long ago. Why would anyone bother reading his blog, he has nothing to say that can't be found on IRIN or Voice of America if anyone is interested in human interest stories. The rest of his blog is pure spew.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, come on BIG MAN. You make all the claims without a single shred of proof. Everything you've brought up has been twisted and lied about. None of it is actually true.

You've been asked a series of very straightforward questions, so simple that you cannot fail to understand exactly what is being requested. If you fail to answer them all you are so obviously the LYING COWARD that everyone here thinks you definitely are.

If you only answer a couple of them you are still a LYING COWARD.

You have made such a huge deal about the McCanns failing to answer the questions put to them. Here you are as bad as the McCanns. But in fact HITCHEN IS WORSE THAN THE McCANNS.

So what is it Hitchen, are you a liar, a coward, and worse than the McCanns?
Or can you provide truthful evidence to back up every single one of your claims?
Where did JKeremy Young says the things you've said? Which forums has Jill Havern been banned from?

Come on, easy questions for you if you've got the proof.
Or are you just a liar?

Anonymous said...

We're waiting.......

Anonymous said...

.....still waiting.....

Anonymous said...

It's not even bed time in Australia yet so what is Hitchen waiting for? Is he getting together all of his evidence ready to come back at us with an "I told you so"?
Nope - cos it doesn't exist.
Which leaves only one conclusion - he's ignoring it because he's nothing but a liar.

Anonymous said...

Hitchen has found a new vent for his self-loathing. New vent = TFA and JKH.
Because of this he no longer needs the McCanns. Once he no longer needs something he has no feelings either way it. He has no feelings either way about the McCanns now which is why he can act like them in such a hypocritcal manner, by ignoring the questions put to him, just like they ignored the questions put to them.

Can you see what's happening to you hitchen? You're becoming a McCann.

Michael Anthony McCann Hitchen.

jkh said...

I sent Mike an email at 7 o'clock this morning asking similar things as in this Open Letter.

Four hours later I've not had a reply even though he is posting on his own blog and is clearly online.

Anonymous said...

In which case JKH, we can only conclude he's a COWARD and a LIAR!
But we knew that.

Keep up the good fight everybody, there's a huge amount of support around.

Anonymous said...

The reason he's not answered you is probably because he's composing a wonderful post on the news that, according to BBC News24, the PJ are coming to the UK next week.

Don't forget he's the Voice of Madeleine McCann - - NOT.

What's up Mike - forgotten about Madeleine have you?

jkh said...

I've had a response:

Dear Ms. Havern,

Thank you for your email. However, given the circumstances and the fact that other parties are now involved, I am sure you will appreciate I am unable to enter into any dialogue regarding such issues.

Kind Regards

Mike Hitchen.

Anonymous said...

He'll be busy perusing the 3As to see what content he can nick from there to turn into his "own" post. Stealer!

Anonymous said...

Re hitchen's email:
Uh-huh. If he can get police interested in THIS blog, then the police must be having a field day with the things he's written about Jeremy Young and yourself Jill. Yet when you contacted the police they were not interested and they don't know anything about a complaint against you.
*shakes head and rolls eyes*

Anonymous said...

It's just his cowardly way of saying he hasn't got any evidence. The only time you're not allowed to say something is when lawyers have started a case!

What a freak. A mind-boggling freak.

Anonymous said...

Hitchen has no evidence and comes up with some daft excuse to not answer jkh. He has not answered because he cannot answer!

Ok Mike - please name the other involved parties will you and we'll check them out.

Also, as you are "unable to enter into any dialogue" why are you still writing libellous defamatory posts on the very subject that you now can't answer"? You have given yourself arguido status have you? What a pisspot.

jkh said...

Anonymous said...
Also, as you are "unable to enter into any dialogue" why are you still writing libellous defamatory posts on the very subject that you now can't answer"?

31 March 2008 13:14


Spooky, I just replied to him asking exactly the same thing!

Anonymous said...

Enough already Hitchen! Can't you see you have lost? Can't you see you are a LOSER?

JKH's book was not crap,she is a brilliant Driving Instructor. She is not a Stalker and she doesn't tell lies. PEOPLE DO NOT BELEIVE WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY.

TFA DID NOT abuse his daughter you stupid man, Do you not understand poetry.

The more you say Hitchen the more you make yourself look like a FOOL.

You contradict everything you say so just pack it in and accept you ara a LOSER.

jkh said...

Thanks anon @ 13.59. I wouldn't say I'm a brilliant instructor, but I've certainly been a high grade instructor for the past 15 years and don't have to advertise anymore since I get lots of recommendations from pupils going back 18 years from when I first qualified.

I've never been short of work and, despite Hitchen's attempts to ruin my business because he didn't like my book, the phone is still ringing - not just for me, but my other instructors too.

And, Mr Hitchen, you're not going to make me attempt suicide like the others' because my daughter is having a baby and I intend to be around for a long time yet!

Plus there's the next crap book to finish too, of course!

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ JKH you are a brilliant instructor...

Many congrats on your successful business and your next crappy book ;)

And lovely news about your daughter how very exciting for you.

See Hitchen good things come to good people.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your forthcoming grandchild. Better watch out though cos Maggot will be writing to the Birmingham social services about you.
(That's a bit of sarcasm by the way Hitchen, although no doubt you'll consider it. Can't really get a baby taken away from its grandmother though so save yourself the trouble.)

Anonymous said...

C'mon maggot, you're still reading here so answer the ladies questions whydontcha? End the day on a high point then you can cross it off your to-do list and go to bed feeling you've achieved something, for once in your life.

jkh said...

haha... I've even got a photo of the scan showing the alleged baby!

Shall I ask the blog owner to publish it just in case I'm not believed?

Anonymous said...

.......still waiting.....

Anonymous said...

....still waiting....