Friday, 14 March 2008

Mike Hitchen's new Child at Risk blog listed on ionglobaltrends


Anonymous said...

Shut the fuck up maggot.

You're so pathetic.

Just think, all the people who are now on this blog hating you were the ones who were on your blog being so nice and friendly with each other - before YOU turned and started being nasty to everyone.

Thing is, we're still being nice and friendly to each other - it's just that you're excluded.

And most of your remaining larvae are posting on here too! It's just that you don't know they also hate you. Why don't you ask them if you can come into our forum and see who's in there? You'd be suprised.

You don't deserve anyone. You're despicable and loathesome.

Mike Hitchen said...

Oh my blog just won another award. Thats what happens when you are good. And I am not just good - I am damn good.

Give my regards to the junkie, slum dwelling pedophile and the melted barbie doll.

I luvvs ya all

Mike H.
Even God Calls Me God.

Have a nice time children.