Monday, 17 March 2008

Hello maggot, how nice of you to visit again

Comments taken from 'Chemist' thread.


Anonymous said...

You've won another blog war Hitchen?

Which one?

'Another' blog war means you start them often do you?

Anonymous said...

He's really mature for his age isn't he?

Anonymous said...

Maggot you and your drag queen sick bitch mariana are two of the vilest creatures this earth has ever had the misfortune to have walk it. How dare you use the word 'spastic' in such a nasty insulting way.

You and the unwashed whore from the gutters of Athens are emotionally by-passed.

You set yourselves up as the saviours of children and then chose a word that applies to some children, and adults, and use it to further you foul agenda.

I am sure SCOPE will be interested in your public use of the word.

Anonymous said...

Hey, maggot, if you accept that there are many of us and only one of you, why are you only targetting Jeremy and JK? Because they're the only ones who have names? Easy targets are they?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike

I see you've been accessing this site from an internet cafe now!

Trying not to leave traces eh?

Why's that then?

5 hours, 17 mins and 15 seconds. Really, Mike, haven't you got a life to live?

LOL :)

Anonymous said...

Starbucks wasn't it?

hahaha :)