Saturday, 29 March 2008


Any clues why Mike Hitchen's Hate/Child at Risk campaign should be labelled under Madeleine McCann and New Zealand Publishing? Answers on a postcard - or in the comments box please.


Anonymous said...

Cos he's a effing knobhead

Anonymous said...

Don't beat around the bush, just tell us what you really think of him.

Anonymous said...

He's writing a bloody book!

Anonymous said...

If it's anything like Bruce the Spanking Genie it'll be a best seller then won't it?

*rolls eyes*

dial m for maggot said...

It has been one year since little Madeleine was abducted/murdered, and Hitchen is still using her name to draw attention to his boring posts. He is still using her, just like he has done from the very beginning. He should be ashamed of himself - he is a sick pervert.

Anonymous said...

Owner of this blog you keep saying you have spies in Mike Hitchens camp! Do you have any in yours...

It might be something to think about.

blog owner said...

anon @ 02.05

Only the guilty have anything to fear from spies in camps.

If you've done nothing wrong then there's no reason to hide is there?

There's no reason to shut comments boxes or discuss destruction strategies for ruining peoples' lives in secret forums is there?

There's also no need to worry about publishing the truth is there?

We do not have a 'camp' and we do not fear Mr Hitchen because none of us have done anything wrong. We are all victims of his hate/child at risk campaign.

We have posted the truth from both sides! We have posted our own truth in defence of Mr Hitchen's lies and we are posting his truth which he fails to tell the world.

The only people 'spying' on this blog are the police and social services who are looking at the evidence to determine why Mr Hitchen would make such outrageous accusations against innocent people. But you've read for yourself how he likes to destroy peoples' lives and any harm done is of no interest to him.

This evidence blog is all about helping to prevent a newborn baby being a victim of Hitchen's sick mind games.

And until the police investigation is closed and Baby Young is under no threat then this blog will continue - spies or no spies.

Anonymous said...

well said, blog owner. Spies in this camp? No need to spy, everybody in the world is able to view what's going on here.