Friday, 14 March 2008

Mike Hitchen's new blog

"Identifying A Child At Risk: Protecting Jeremy Young's Child From Jeremy Young. Britain has seen enough tragedies involving children - when the warning signs are there, it is time to act" Mike Hitchen 14 March 2008


Anonymous said...

Pffffft! Wouldn't waste anybody's time worrying about THAT. Leave it to the police.

Anonymous said...

Your'e going to Hell Hitchen

Anonymous said...

Shut the fuck up maggot.

You're so pathetic.

Just think, all the people who are now on this blog hating you were the ones who were on your blog being so nice and friendly with each other - before YOU turned and started being nasty to everyone.

Thing is, we're still being nice and friendly to each other - it's just that you're excluded.

You don't deserve anyone. You're despicable and loathesome.