Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Mike Hitchen and Primavera's plan didn't quite pay off

Someone had fun last night posting multiple, and various, pornographic comments (pic 2) to this blog, which were deleted as fast as they were being posted, and the comments facility was closed overnight to prevent further spamming. The ip was traced to Australia, despite the proxy showing the Philippines. This same someone was reading the goings-on over at the 3Arguido's because his entry link on the statcounter (pic 1) showed that was where he was coming from to get onto this blog. He stayed on this blog for over 5 hours! It begs the question why anyone from Australia would need to use a proxy to disguise his presence on this blog in order to post pornographic comments anonymously on a site that is trying to stop a 'child at risk' campaign created by Mike Hitchen in Australia - who posts pornographic content using the 'anonymous' name 'Anthony'.
Despite Primavera complaining about the 'same' Philippino spamming her blog, you can see from the bottom pic that, once they were back in Mike's secret 'Dream Team' forum, she told Mike he was very clever (pic 3).

These two people, amongst others on Mike's forum (Mariana Faithful, Pamalam etc), have created websites to allegedly seek justice for Madeleine McCann whilst plotting to have an innocent newborn baby taken from his parents, and to intentionally disrupt any efforts to stop their campaign.

Make of it what you will, but this campaign will continue until Baby Young is no longer under any kind of threat from Hitchen and his accomplices because that is what real justice for ALL children means.
Hitchen has now updated his 'press release' on his business blog.
(are the press really taking notice of him?)


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...now why is he picking on beachy?
Well, it seems to me that he is thinking...ex-copper (if she really is, I'm never completely sure about that) and so likely to make a fuss if defamed. So he comes here to slag her off, hoping to draw a bit of heat to you folks.

And meanwhile, he is badmouthing a rival forum! Two shots in one sick post!

Anonymous said...

Considering how Hitchen claims to be the voice for Maddy McCann you never see him post on the 3A's do you? That's the place where most research is being done.

No, he would rather be her voice from deep within his 'secret' forum where his voice can't be heard!

The only thing that's going on in there is his sickening campaign and spanking chats.

Some voice.

Anonymous said...

Quite an interesting night last night on the Hitchen thread on the 3As...watching who was watching, but staying schtum, was very illuminating. One or two of his big cronies over there lurked on the thread the whole night, but never made a peep.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think we made our point didn't we?

Funny how Hitchen calls us cowards, yet he's the one who disables his comments on all his libellous blogs and this supporters don't speak up!


Anonymous said...

Primavera was around on 3As a lot of the time and even commented a bit here and there but the one thing she flatly refused to do was answer what she really felt about Hitchen being a voice for Madeleine when he has witch hunts going on which would ultimately affect other children in a negative way. She could not be drawn on her opinion of Hitchen. That's because there's nothing she can say that remotely excuses his outrageous and criminal behaviour. Behind closed doors she congratulated him, but she can't be forgetting that we all have access to his forum, can she?

Anonymous said...

I don't think she looks at this blog, in which case she won't know about the stuff that's being passed to us from a few of his 'supporters'.

Anonymous said...

Blog owner, you asked if the press was really taking notice of him. I'd say, no they're not, at least not in the way that HE wants them to ;)

Anonymous said...

Hitchen will definitely have gone to the police because he actually believes he is in the right. Which is a great thing for us because the deeper they look into everything they will see who the liar is. One correct answer only. Hitchen.

Anonymous said...

Just thinking if primavera would be happy to have her kids groomed by Hitchen...

Guess so.