Saturday, 15 March 2008

Is there anything else we can help you with Mr Hitchen?

Mr Hitchen please feel free to use this space to tell us what more of your accusations we can rubbish. Because everything you've said so far has got evidence to disprove it. The only things we can't prove so far are the accusations where YOU have not provided evidence to back-up your claims.

Strange that.


Anonymous said...

Blog owner - you are superb. Just had to say that. Everything Hitchen has spouted over there has been disproved over here. He is King Twat.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, glad to be of service ;)

Anonymous said...

I see he's changed his business blog press release again.

Anonymous said...

That which maggot entitles IMPORTANT NOTICE is a truly foul piece of writing. Writing which could only come from a truly foul mind.

Anonymous said...

The man is a loon I tell you.

laura said...

"The campaign is orchestrated by Jeremy Young"

I still don't know why he's blaming TFA for e/thing. TFA's busy with his own blog and his new baby arriving soon. Why is he putting all the blame on TFA...?

Anonymous said...
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jkh said...

Because Jeremy has a name and everyone else is anonymous.

I also have a name and am easy to attack. He can't attack anonymous people.

His only reason for getting out of bed each morning is to destroy people's lives.

Even when his accusations are rubbished with clear evidence he will not stop, because this is his favourite way of getting through each day. He cannot provide evidence to back up his own accusations because it is all fabrication.

Everything he has accused others' of he's actually guilty of himself. That is what psychopath's do - they project their own evilness onto other's to save having to take responsibility for their own behaviour. They never have to deal with their own evil because they believe it is other people who are evil, even when the evidence is there.

As Mike Hitchen says:

"People who have hurt or crossed me have attemped suicide, have suffered nervous breakdowns and marriage breakup as a consequence of my actions. I view those as positive results and any harm done is of no interest to me. I find people's weak spots and twist the sword." Mike Hitchen, September 10 2001

The words of a psychopath.

Anonymous said...

Some of you may be aware that for several months, an online hate campaign has been waged against myself and this company. The campaign is orchestrated by Jeremy Young so says Maggot.

Firstly, the only ones aware are us and the authorities. There is nobody else. Secondly, it has not been waged by Jeremy Young. I'm not Jeremy Young, I've never corresponded with him and never met him. Nor have I set up this blog but I'm a part of it.

Maggot you better be able to back up your claim that Jeremy Young is behind this because if I was him, I'd be full steam ahead right now with the legal action.

You are mad.

Anonymous said...

Hitchen has a blog called "Identifying A Child At Risk:". Some could say it's quite easy to identify a child at risk - just look for any child within range of Hitchen's camera. We know how he likes to go walking with camera in hand, snapping away at any unsuspecting person in his path. We also know his favourite walk is through the grounds of the boys school. We also know how he likes to write fiction (I hope it's fiction) about schoolteachers spanking schoolboys.

We know all those things because he's told us and he's put his fiction(?) on the internet. All links are on this blog. We have those facts. With all that in mind, bearing in mind what he's done to Jeremy Young, we should really be reporting him to the boys school and the social services over there. Is his apartment overlooking any parks or places like that? We don't know.

How do you identify a child at risk? Depends on your criteria. Using Hitchen's own criteria, I'd say the Lane Cove kiddies could be at risk.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the words of a psychopath. And the 'voice of Madeleine McCann'. How can those two phrases be linked together?

He must be stopped.

The McCann's should be told about him.

Anonymous said...

I emailed the McCanns weeks ago using their comments page on their website, so I have no idea whether or not they would have got the full details.
But I imagine they would have done.

Anonymous said...

Can you grab some snapshots of his and his larvae's libelous comments against the McCanns so we can email Kate & Gerry to see if they are impressed?

Anonymous said...

Well done blog owner and also all those who have shared their stories or have contributed. I bet maggot is well and truly pissed off as there are more links to here than to his apology for a money grabbing/pleading poverty/thinly veiled disguised spanking reason for finding pervs blog

Anonymous said...

Wave bye bye to your book deal maggot. The one you kept telling us would happen, the one behind the reason for you taking ownership of all comments on your blog. Remember that book? Bye bye *waves*.

Some people think there's no such thing as bad publicity and in some cases that's true. In your case, however, all you've got is bad publicity (and self-publicity, which is equally bad due to your poor writing "skills") so you've no chance of being anything other than a washed up never-was, with absolutely no purpose on this earth.

At the end of the day, people are judged by their deeds. What do you contribute to anybody anywhere? Zilch. Nada. Not even the heartache and misery you try to inflict on others who have the lives you always dreamed of having.

You are a Zero, Hitchen.

Kepper of this blog, you are doing great work showing him up for he real self. Don't waste too much of your time on him though because he gets off on the negative attention (it's all he's ever known). The best way to get back at him is to leave him ignored in splendid isolation while everyone else gets on with their happy eveyday lives. That will enrage him and finish him off. Especially once he no longer has his mum keeping him reigned in to the smallest degree.

Anonymous said...

Be sure your lies will catch up with you Hitchen.