Monday, 10 March 2008

Mike Hitchen: Rolling up sleeves for next stage of hate campaign


Anonymous said...

Ooo! I'm scared.

The tosspot.

Anonymous said...

He's such a powerful man ain't he? No, cos he's not a man and he's not powerful. Oops silly me.

So he's trying to take credit for closing down the eerore board now is he?

Liar liar pants on fire.

Anonymous said...

He's good. He said so.


Anonymous said...

Hitchen, have you not learned yet that anything you can do, we can do better? We can do anything better than you. Yes we can. MUCH BETTER.

Come on then, roll up your silly little sleeves and let's have it all. Do your worst. And once you're finished and you're sitting back in your little chair with a smug smile on your silly face, we'll yawn a bit, stretch, then take two minutes to knock you flat. Again.
And again
And again

We can do ANYTHING better than you. And with minimum effort, unlike the hours you spend plotting.

Come on Hitchen. You asked your sychos "Am I good or am I good"?
No you're rubbish actually.
But feel free to try to prove us wrong.
We're waiting....

Anonymous said...

Roll up your trousers as well Maggot we don't give a shit!

You are a Mad 'Man' without doubt.

Anonymous said...

Because they're getting rare,
They never get their share
Seem to be a dying breed
But they're so much fun
Laughter's on the run
As the Hatter plants the seed
Here comes the Mad Hatter
Mad as the Mad Hatter