Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Mike Hitchen creates a blog for a baby?


Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmm, interesting. I wonder what he'd put on this blog he's made for a dead baby. No doubt it's the stuff only known to people in hell.

More likely it was another one of his multitude of lies. If it existed we'd have found it by now ;).

But the fact he even thought about it and said what he said! Harrassment, intimidation, provocation, bullying and stalking.

He's a creature.

sheila said...

Very sick - to target a dead baby for the butt of his jokes.....his followers must be as sick as he is.
Because a dead baby can't defend his/herself? and he picks on the weak and defenceless, what is more defenceless than a baby, alive or dead. Hitchen needs psychiatric help. He's a fucking weirdo.

Anonymous said...

LOL at Mona. She is priceless!
After Maggot says (about a dead baby girl don't forget): I hope she likes the blog I have created for her
Mona's reply is (about us anti-maggots): Are they totally sick? They must be. Also childish in the extreme!
She writes that about us after he has just made such a statement?
All of it passes over their heads and I don't think they see the hypocrisy.

I love the stock answers he throws out about us being emotional cripples, been failures all our lives, when he knows sod all about most of us.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that the lovely Mona is an expert -she has a track record for sicko behaviour.

Trying to trace the birth and death records for a stillborn baby is about as sick as the sickest sicko in Sicko-world,

Anonymous said...

She's sicker than Sicky McSick, the sickest man in the whole of Sickland.

Blogger #236 said...

In Mona's defense or anyone else looking, if they found a birth/death record (even though still birth registers are not accessible in the same way) then it would mean that MH would have to STFU, and it may well be that the record was being searched for by the people closer to MH for just that reason. MH shouldn't be doubting TFA's first baby in the first place and it is appalling how MH has behaved. MH is the architect of his own destiny and he is the one who has tilted one windmill too many.

Anonymous said...

No way was Mona looking to prove maggot wrong. She was looking to prove him right, because they both were sure Ethel only existed as a figment of Tranny's imagination. They didn't really care if she did or didn't exist, they just wanted something else to throw at Tranny and they assumed that because (they're crap and) they couldn't find any certs that he must be lying.

If you are a compulsive liar yourself, you will always think everyone is lying as much as you are. Fact! Yes I'm talking about you, Maggot and Mona

Mona is obsessed with being Maggot's top dog. She is indefensible, although you did say, to be fair, you weren't trying to defend her. She's scum.

I'm sure others might have been looking to prove him wrong and no offense to those people.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I take that back, you have actually said you were defending Mona. WTF???

Anonymous said...

Maggot, really is that the best you could do? How pathetic. *rolls eyes*