Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Mandy asks the $64,000,000 question

And she's asking this of the King of Evil?

Mike Hitchen libels the social services and child protection units

Oh, the irony!

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"There is not one word of truth in what you have said. I have always reacted negatively to those who, with their snotty noses and erotic fantasies, prowl into others' lives."

Oh the irony! Mike Hitchen uses a quote from Vladimir Putin to express himself.

How ironic that this is the man who prowled into the lives of the McCann's for almost a year and threatens to write a book about them.

And we know what sort of book he's capable of writing don't we?

"Gerry the Spanking Genie and Bratty Little Kate get Spanked"


What is it Mike Hitchen calls Jeremy Young? A slum dwelling housing association tenant?
It would seem that Mike Hitchen is a council flat dwelling tenant himself.

Mike Hitchen, taking a picture of himself in a traffic light, outside his council flat

Slightly different version

A slightly different version of the post below now appears on

Show us the "proveable lies" Hitchen - we're proving what a liar you are, so you do the same.
What are you afraid of?

Mike Hitchen's latest spew

Hitchen, everything on these blogs is written by yourself or your 'Child at Risk' campaign assistants. All we're doing is gathering all the information that's widely available on the internet and putting it all in one place so people can see how despicable you all are.
It's working too, isn't it? This blog is very popular with visitors and already we've passed 30,000 visits since February 28th.

You have been warned about your criminal activity because you've received a letter from West Yorkshire police telling you to stop. They certainly didn't write to you to compliment you on your self-proclaimed 'award winning' copy-and-paste blog. The fact that you won't stop your harassment, and that your supporters still encourage you, means that they are assisting an offender - the offender being you. You are all in this together.

As long as you don't stop then neither will we because while your 'Child at Risk' campaign is still ongoing then we will do everything we can to disprove your malicious lies and expose you all for what you are.

The 'attack' on your teacher friend isn't an attack. It's simply that we know she's part of your Team H who is helping you with your 'Child at Risk' campaign and we are discovering things about her too. She has been obnoxious on the internet, and in forums, for over a year now as you will note from the things we are finding.

She is a teacher, for goodness sake, and parents have a RIGHT to know what sort of people teach their kids. In fact, her position is far more important than yours because you're a nobody. You're not a qualified journalist, or anyone special, other than the owner of an online spanking shop and a copy and paste blog which you claim is accessed by schoolchildren who are, therefore, able to see your hate campaign. What sort of role model are you for these impressionable children?

Anna-May Silvestro's personal details are already on the internet, and all we're doing is putting it all in one place alongside yours. It is no different than you posting Jill's address, telephone number and business details on your business website and warning people not to have driving lessons with her because you don't like her book, even though you originally said you did like it. You seem to think that is ok, so why moan when the boot is on the other foot? You would also post Jeremy's address and telephone number if you knew it! After all, you went searching for that information in a Bradford forum, posing as Anthony, didn't you?

You, however, cannot find anything on Jeremy, Jill or Jane because there isn't anything to find is there? So you just make it up. You never provide any evidence or links like we do - you merely publish lies as though it is the truth and expect people to believe it. We are here to disprove those lies and it's very easy to do that.

We will continue to gather evidence on you and your team because we believe we are doing a service to the public to get rid of predators, with a hidden agenda like yourselves, off the internet - or at least raise public awareness to your hidden agendas.

In your latest post you talk about Jeremy intimidating you, even though he has remained silent due to legal advice, then you go on to ask how his newborn baby is in an intimidating manner. You're not concerned about the baby at all, you just use the baby to take another swipe at him. But now you are dragging his wife into your hate campaign, too.

THAT is intimidation of the worst kind because you are using a newborn baby as an ulterior motive to fight his innocent parents.

We will not stop until you, and your secret 'Dream Team', who hide behind young children (Madeleine McCann, Ben Needham, Shannon Matthews etc) are exposed and dealt with by the law.

Why did you have to retreat into a 'secret forum' to discuss Madeleine, Ben and Shannon? The 3 Arguido's openly discuss these children but people don't have to log in to be able to read it. Is it because they're not conducing a 'Child at Risk' campaign such as yours?

Why do you, a 52 year old man who writes sexually graphic stories about children, show up on Bebo as being a friend of a 16 year old girl? What possible reason is there for that?

You have threatened to distribute flyers around Bradford pubs to inform 'locals' that Jeremy is a child pervert. That is not only potentially endangering his life from vigilantes, but also the life of his newborn baby and wife.

You have accused Jill of being part of a 'paedophile ring' and posted her details on the internet which may also cause vigilantes to congregate outside her house. Why? Because you didn't like her book.
You, and your team, base your entire hate campaign on one poem that was written by a grieving father in his deepest, darkest hour - you use this poem over and over again as though it is the most vital piece of evidence to have his newborn taken away - and you drag innocent people into your hate campaign, based on this poem, simply because they chose to support this man when you made fun of his stillborn daughter in your shoutbox. As a man who does not even have children, you will not be able to understand what it means to lose one.

Children are for life, not for your perverted pleasure.

Does a baby deserve to be taken from his parents because of a poem? Does a driving instructor deserve to lose her business because of a poem - and does Jane from Fife deserve to lose her life in a suicide attempt because of a poem?

These are just some of the reasons we will not stop. We have the right to reply to your accusations and that is what we are doing.

All the links to the evidence mentioned in this post can be found on this blog.

Where is your evidence Hitchen?

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Anna-May Silvestro is Primavera, the Warwickshire supply schoolteacher, who is assisting an offender by the name of Mike Hitchen

Anna-May Silvestro's online aliases are Primavera or AnnaEsse. She is the Warwickshire supply schoolteacher (Etone school) and is an acupuncture practioner. She is assisting an offender by the name of Mike Hitchen in his secret 'Dream Team' forum where they discuss Hitchen's 'Child at Risk' campaign.

She is aware of this blog and she is aware of the police letter that was sent to Hitchen stating that there is NO evidence of any criminal activity, except his own, yet still she supports his campaign.

Is she really the sort of person we need to be teaching our young kids? A person who knowingly links herself to Mike Hitchen who is proven, by all the evidence contained in these blogs, to be a pervert who writes graphic stories about abusing children?

Hitchen updates Child at Risk blog

Mike Hitchen updates his 'Child at Risk' campaign blog to include reference to the NSPCC baby, as though he knew about it all along. However, he fails to remove the reference to Jeremy's wife who, along with their newborn baby 'Piglet' (month old 'Piglet' is the subject of Hitchen's Hate Campaign) is totally innocent of all accusations as proven by the letter from the police.

(link to letter below in which the police say there is NO evidence of any criminal activity and NO further investigation by the police is required. However, Hitchen continues to refer to Jeremy as a child pervert and questions his wife's ability to be a mother, despite being warned by the police to desist from making these unfounded and defamatory accusations)


Sunday, 20 April 2008

Mike Hitchen has a rant

One of Mike Hitchen's rants at someone else - but it sounds all so familiar

For heavens sake lighten up; you are becoming a crashing bore with your uninformed, judgmental brand of coffee bar socialism regarding. issues you know very little about.
If you just stop whining for a while and read on, then you may actually learn from someone who I can assure you, knows far more about these things than your incredible naivety shows you ever will.
I run two businesses in which emotional issues are very much part and parcel of the work. If those involved in small business or "start ups" are experiencing personal, financial, family problems etc, that will affect their business. A great part of my work involves listening and trying to help solve those problems.
I get at least one client a week telling me they are contemplating suicide, and as yet, no one ever has. It is not something you can detach yourself from easily, especially when you have the experience and judgement to gauge the potential of such an act, and care about the people concerned.
In the last few weeks I have had seven "clients" lose someone close to them. I use inverted commas, because these people are more than just clients, they have become people I care about. At the same time, several close friends have also been through a lot.
I too have major problems both with my own health and that of a very close family member.
The point of the above is that Rufus is not in the above category. He is a professional attention seeker and one of the tools he uses to draw attention to himself is to hurt people. He has hurt Courtney, Beth, Dawn and many others. He goes out of his way to do so without any provocation.
It's his choice. I am not about to concern myself with some insignificant little arsehole who goes out of his way to hurt people I care about
People think I am hard because I often refuse those who come up to me in the street and ask for money or cigarettes. Those who judge me are much like yourself, they think they know the facts, would like to believe they know the facts - but don't.
For a very long time I worked in a homeless men's centre, something which is well documented. I know the difference between those who are genuine and those who are professional beggars. Those whoare genuine get any assistance I am able to give. The others...well I will let you figure out what they get. It's the same with Rufus.
Most of the people he has hurt know Rufus and are also emotionally strong enough to put his hate in perspective. But one day he will attack someone who is not so strong. They may be going through a difficult time, or they may just be sensitive. An attack by Rufus may just be the final straw.
Have you considered that fact at all? or do the narrow parameters of your home-on-the-range social philosophy extend only to defending someone who may top himself because he has received a negative reaction to a course of action he chose to embark on?
I have very little sympathy for anyone who hurts myself, family, friends or business. I count Court, Beth and Dawn as good friends - very good in fact. I do not care one iota about the perpetrator of hurt, but I do care about those who are the victims. When that happens my motto is "whatever it takes".
People who have hurt or crossed me have suffered nervous breakdowns and a marriage breakup as a consequence of my actions. I view those as positive results and any harm done is of no interest to to me. If they can't do the time, then don't do the crime - I didn't ask them to hurt me.
Let's consider two of your uninformed judgements. You make reference to Courtneys achievements. There are many things that Courtney has acheived and amongst them is to become my friend. I do not make friends easily, but when I do they stay friends for a very long time. I go for quality, rather than quantity. She has earned my respect and my friendship, which is a damn sight more than you are ever likely to achieve.
Secondly, you responded to a post by Ruffiane regarding a response of mine to Rufus. You donned your amazing black and white dream coat to impart wisdom to all - again without knowing the facts. I do appreciate that talking about things you have no knowledge or understanding of, greatly increases your choice of subject matter, but there are a few things you didn't know.
Ruffiane and I have a history. Some time ago it made an unfounded allegation about my business. It is too stupid to check the facts, and assumed that everyone is as stupid as it is.
I have been around too long not to realise that in business, every now and then someone will come along and try to discrdeit you. I take precautions and I was able to produce documented and archived evidence that what it refered to, was in fact completely wrong. In the same post, it also refered to someone very close to me.
Others may forgive and forget, I don't - I see no percentage in it.
Oh, and before you make another patronising post about how people spend hours anguishing over responses; maybe it takes *you* hours to write an intelligent response, that's certainly not the case with me.

Mike Hitchen Sept 10, 2001

Is this where Mike Hitchen got his 'business' idea from?

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Mike Hitchen: "The prime suspects in the death of their daughter"

Aren't they actually arguido's in the disappearance of their daughter, Mike?

Typical that he then goes on to accuse a fellow poster of being a keyboard monkey for having a different opinion.
Heard it all before Mike.

Stuffit on Vera Broughton : remember this?

Mike Hitchen ignores police request

"Google refuse to remove any content without a court order, and I have the same policy."
Mike Hitchen: 3 April, 2008.
Works both ways.

Mike Hitchen: duh

Mike's new avatar - victory in what? Your hate campaign?
You can't exactly claim victory for anything else from your highly secret underground cave, can you?

Can Hobnob and Mandy get any more stupid bizarre?

Considering how Mandy and Hobnob are aware of Hitchen's Hate Campaign... how can they now say this? :

How ironic and hypocritical that Mandy and Hobnob (an online forum host) should be discussing chidrens' online security with the master of online stalking, harassment and disguises such as Ziggy, sydneysydney, The Likely Lad and The Guv'nor who writes about child abuse and incest with his brother - and Anthony who is stalking Jeremy on various sites and forums!

What is going on with these people?

Answers on a postcard please.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Mike Hitchen: Quote of the Year: "You seem to have a thing about sex don't you Young?"

Mike Hitchen updates his Hate Campaign on his 'business' website

(ever thought about taking an effective marketing course Mike?)

"You seem to have a thing about sex don't you Young?"

"You may live in an environment where such comments are considered acceptable, I do not - and I am bloody glad I don't."

"There are now at least four spoof blogs about me using my photograph, my name, and pornographic images."

(the fourth 'spoof blog' only went live today Mike - nice of you to visit us already)

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

You'd never catch me talking to coppers like that:)

No, we wouldn't - this is how you talk to coppers

Reason for Hate Campaign against JKH

From this.....
To this....

Because of this....

and this...

and this...
and this...
but, most importantly, this...
and, finally...

Another lie exposed and rubbished

The real story of how an email was 'accidentally' leaked to others.

You will see this article was archived with 49 messages that can still be read (which have been screenshotted and saved should Hitchen decide to delete them).

You will also notice that, while Hitchen is complaining about his email being posted in a forum, he is quite happy to post HenryDog's email on his blog.

The 49 comments can be read here
(unfortunately Mike Hitchen has now removed this link because he's obviously scared about it, but I have screenshotted it anyway)

Some good advice from Hitchen

Thanks for this, Mike. It'll come in useful. Looks like you know all about online harassment eh?
Master of it, in fact.
As for your checklist:
1. Yes, we did ask you to stop
2. We are logging all the evidence right here on this blog
3. We have contacted your isp
4. We have kept all your chatroom transcripts etc and contacted the police
5. Don't worry, we won't forget. Cheers, Mike, you're a pal.

How Mike Hitchen's Hate Campaign began - The McCann's: Why?

click on image to enlarge

This is the post that kicked off all the hatred from Mike because someone had the audacity to query his plea for more information when he'd been telling his readers that he had inside information that would nail the McCann's and now we were starting to realise it had all been a bluff.
There were hundreds of replies to this, all of which he's deleted as he's now tidying up his affairs to protect himself.

"The Madeleine McCann threads on this blog aim to right those wrongs, to provide a voice for the betrayed, the angry and the frustrated. If anyone reading this can help make our voices be heard even louder, you can email me at

Those who have helped before, will tell you I protect those who have come to our aid. Despite what some may think, I am quite approachable and always answer emails!

There is a lot in my past I regret and that I am ashamed of. This campaign is not one of them."

Oh yes, Mike, we've found quite a lot of the stuff that you should be ashamed of. Maybe your 'Madeleine McCann' campaign is not something you are ashamed of, but you should be very ashamed of your 'Child at Risk' campaign - and so should your supporters such as Mariana Faithful, Pamalam, and Primavera (the ones who also have websites about children).