Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Mike Hitchen takes credit for April Fool's joke of shutting down blog

Dispute this, 'Tinman' (who mysteriously goes to bed at the same time as Hitchen)


Anonymous said...

Hitchen you arrogant twat you really believed it...

You thought you had the power...Well you haven't.

Anonymous said...

You are not even in neutral Maggot let a loan second.

What a prized idiot you are.

Anonymous said...

Maggot you fell for it hook, line and sinker, and so did your moronic thick as shit bag ladies.

This blog owner is a dream and a genius.

Anonymous said...

Thought you had friends in high places Hitchen.

Anonymous said...

They must all be on holiday.

Spanner said...

To the blog owner over here - whoever you are - I've kept out of this blog war so far. I haven't posted until now on your spoof blog and to be honest I don't want to get involved in it. It's all rather childish if you ask me.

I read and post on Mike Hitchen's forum as a private forum. So what gives you the right to take my comments and post them on your fake blog? And you complain about Mike being 'cut and paste'.

I suppose now you've laid off Isabel you're starting on me. Oh well, I wouldn't expect anything better of you.

anti-pervs said...

You fool. The only -fake- blog is your dark and dirty pal Maggot's.

Are you so desperate for attention you have to hang out with the lowest form of life? And the biggest LIAR on the 'net, no less. What is wrong with you? Maggot isn't even entertaining (too predictable and EASY...lol) Suggestion! Make new friends or expect to be outted along with your pervert/predator. Loser!

Speaking of Isabel. Take a hint, dearie. What happened to that flake will happen to you, too, so be careful what you write.
Very careful. ;)

the "lady" doth protest too much said...

how dare YOU Spanner, come on here after sucking up hitchen's backside with all your ass-licking comments. you never seem to comment on anything to do with anything other than spoof blogs and visits to mothers which makes us wonder if your protesting just a little too much. if you get the drift. is it a case of keep your friends close and your enemies even closer?

Anonymous said...

Ha Isabel the flake! I like that one.

Anonymous said...

Me has a feeling old spanner is maggot himself.. Fuck off maggot

Oh Jack said...

you know A Fan I think you may well be correct and right ;)

tinman said...

spanner is not hitchen. so who is spanner?

Anonymous said...

Hey Tinman, are you another maggot? Maggot aka Tinman aka Spanner

dead jane said...

Care to elaborate tinman/maggot? How come youre so certain spaner is not maggot? are you trying to disrupt this fine blog?
maggot = spanner = jkl44 = ben = susie = tinman and many more

dangermouse said...

I bet it's like "Stars in your Eyes" in his 'office'. He wakes up and says "Today Michael you're going to be ..........."

Anonymous said...

Maggot = SUSIE?????
Are you serious??????
If he is I'm actually really shocked.

Not shocked that he's tinman/spanner/jkl44/ben/anybody else, but Susie? "Susie" hated Sarah (which is understandable) and she thought Doris was a spy (Doris then got banned from shoutbox).
You learn something every day.

Anonymous said...

Well I never. So Maggot was having all sorts of conversations with himself over in his shoutbox and now he's trying it over here?

We get the picture. Maggot is the tinman who needs a spanner to fix him up. Next we'll be having "oil can". *rolls eyes*

oil can said...

Did somebody call me ;)

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be at all surprised to tell you the truth. Funny how, in the last day or so we have a tinman and spanner posting in support of maggot. I honestly don't believe he has any support left. Tinman and spanner ARE Maggot. He has a habit of using many many user names to chat to himself.

On his spanko boards some of the names he used to chat to himself were


He even uses different usernames to boast himself up and he will ask a question using one username, then logs in as another and writes a fucking book on the answer.
He is so boring. Most of the people over on the spanko were on to him very early on and were just humouring him, they felt sorry for him. Alot of then thought he was actually a woman. :-)

Anonymous said...

Nuckin futter

Dead Lorrie said...

This will show you how his mind works. He's a fucking oddball nutter

The Guv'nor
Once I pressed the ringer on my mobile phone while waiting for a bus. I "answered" and then had a "conversation" with my "girlfriend" in which I teasingly scolded her. I ended by saying "you are not too old to have your bottom smacked", disconnected the call and turned to the girl next to me at the bus stop. She just laughed as I explained I was teasing my "girlfriend".
Have you ever been led into temptation!?

http://groups.google.com/group/alt.spanking.reality/browse_thread/thread/29eb1cd4f11369f1/7d5b78e4117e52d8?hl=en&lnk= gst&q=mike+bus+stop#7d5b78e4117e52d8

ROFL You cunt maggot

Anonymous said...

WTF is that meant to be and why'd he feel the need to share it with the world. That's a good find!

dead lorrie said...

Vomit buckets at the ready

The Guv'nor
Somewhere embarrassing has always appealed to me, both as a giver and a

* At a bus stop at peak hour
* In a public park
* In our local shopping plaza (open air and shaded with trees)
* And for some reason, bending someone over the frozen food cabinet in a

When I was 17, I was walking through a supermarket with a male friend of mine from tech. All of a sudden, I stopped, slapped him lightly on the shoulder, and in a very loud and very camp voice said, "Oh Roland, you weren't like that last night were you dear" Poor Roland, who was very shy
went as red as a good smacked bottom, and all the old dears just stopped and looked:) Gee, I was a bastard at times:) Good job I've changed.


http://groups.google.com/group/alt.spanking.reality.moderated/browse_thread/thread/dc79b673247f6947/f2ff55cf18d309a7? hl=en&lnk=gst&q=mike+bus+stop#f2ff55cf18d309a7


Camp voice? Maggot that is the only voice you have, come out of the closet you moron.

Yes, you were a bastard, and you havn't changed a bit. Your mama hates you

Anonymous said...

Sorry to disappoint you Hitchen but that's really boring. All 17 year olds get up that kind of thing, not just you being a bit wacky. You remind me of Rick from the Young Ones, always trying to be a bit wacky, a bit crazy, but really just being a little twat.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Oh what now....?

tinman said...

laughing at you all running scared trying to make yourselves feel more secure. think what you like about who i am. ask over on 3As what they think about multiple ids and who has them.

Anonymous said...

anon @14.15

Are you trying to say something? Come on spit it out don't be shy.

Anonymous said...

It must be the infamous "Hitchen Keyboard Chimps". Not very good are they? At least when he called us chimps we could string a sentence together.

Anonymous said...

Bloody stupid sod whoever you are.

Is it meant to intimidate?

Grow up.

Anonymous said...

Why would we want to do that tinman maggot? 3A has nothing to do with this blog.

Anonymous said...

It will be tinmans bed time soon.

Mommy is waiting to slap your bum bum and tuck you in.

Good night tinman.

Anonymous said...

hahaha, hey maggot, did you leave a note in the laundry basket for mama, to tell her you deserve a spanking. Pervy shit

Anonymous said...

Did your pictures not work out the way you planned? Can't imagine they were anything worth seeing so there's no loss there.