Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Oh, the irony!

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"There is not one word of truth in what you have said. I have always reacted negatively to those who, with their snotty noses and erotic fantasies, prowl into others' lives."

Oh the irony! Mike Hitchen uses a quote from Vladimir Putin to express himself.

How ironic that this is the man who prowled into the lives of the McCann's for almost a year and threatens to write a book about them.

And we know what sort of book he's capable of writing don't we?

"Gerry the Spanking Genie and Bratty Little Kate get Spanked"


Anonymous said...

Ok, so we can add communist to his little agenda I presume? I don't think the Australian authorities are going to like that somehow.

Anonymous said...

Everything he says and does he just digs himself in deeper and deeper.

Has this man no sense at all.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Hitchen's fantasies are far from erotic. Violent, sick, nasty, perverse in the extreme, but certainly not erotic.

Me and George Clooney alone on a moonlit beach, now that's erotic!

Anonymous said...

Always tries to make himself sound profound and intelligent and yet falls at every hurdle.

Always saying the wrong thing.