Sunday, 6 April 2008

Mike Hitchen: response to Cassiopia


Anonymous said...

Oh yes I'm sure he will find his response of great interest. Yawn.

What is interesting is that he simply types what supposedly is in an email.

One has to wonder why, if there is such an email, he wouldn't show it as he has done before.

Anonymous said...

There seems to be a lot of emails being batted backwards and forwards between the police and maggot. He never shows them, he just 'quotes' parts of it.

If both parties have been warned, then that would be the end of it surely but, no, maggot replies.

The alleged email also says that TFA and those linked to him will be asked to be mindful of what they post. How do the police know who is linked to TFA? Will the police not warn these people personally? How will they do that when people on here post anonymously because they are fearful of repurcussions from maggot, as they've seen for themselves, the way he destroys peoples' lives, that they will not give their real names let alone the ones they use in his forum or on his old blog.

Maggot holds details of all the people who used to post on his blog and there are only a handful of people who he knows the names of - and they are the ones who he is trying to destroy.

That email is phoney. I don't see how the police can issue warnings to victims of a hate campaign. If they do, then that will be a matter for solicitors because of the gross injustice.

This matter may well go on for a long time yet.

Come on Maggot, tell the truth and stop posting fabrications.

You do know what the word truth means, don't you?

Anonymous said...

You would think he knew what truth means, but the reality is he has entrenched himself so deep in lies the word means nothing to him.

Anonymous said...

What email warning TFA to be mindful of what he posts? I don't see the bit where TFA is being warned. Bet TFA hasn't seen any email either. Yet another attempt by Maggot to dupe his supporters. He doesn't care what lies he tells to who.

Anonymous said...

Forget my last email - I've just seen the separate entry.

Anonymous said...

I believe the content of his email is probably true and that TFA will probably receive a warning about what is posted on his site.

HOWEVER, I think what TFA has done to maggot is totally insignificant and Maggot should grow up. On the other hand, what maggot has tried to do to TFA is complete cyberstalking and harrassment and maggot will get more than just a warning in the end.

Especially if he takes it too far with the police.

And as for cassiopia - you have been shown to be talking bollocks even by your lord and master. Oh the shame! (ha ha)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the email from the superior is genuine, but parts have been omitted so the rest is open to question as to whether it has been doctored.

But it is still politely asking him to desist. I have no problem with the police being polite and trying to get people to act reasonably.

I don't even have a problem with the police asking TFA to remove the few old blog entries on maggot, once maggot removes all his vile posts and dedicated hate blog, but I don't think that anyone would put the output and behaviour of maggot and TFA on a par. TFA hasn't even mentioned maggot for about a month, because his time is happily taken up with being a father; TFA has not tried to destroy the maggot's family, such as it is; TFA has not asked anyone to participate in an orchestrated hate campaign.

The people posting comments here do so out of personal conviction that the maggot must be stopped. Once he stops, I will be happy to see this wonderful blog disappear with no request form the police, polite or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

So Mandy is still over there. How sad, I thought she had more sense.

Any chance of satisfying our curiosity and getting a list of who are the few remaining regulars?

Anonymous said...

anon @ 17.37

This is the list of the people who still post:

Jack H
Pamalam (now Pam)
Big Mumma
Jenny G

Anonymous said...

And at least 8 of those are spies!

Anonymous said...

What about Isabel? can't believe she has left him even if she isn't posting on the blog.

Anonymous said...

One is listed twice so that leaves only 21, including the spies.

Hitchy-poo, your cult is very small, just like you.

Doris Chips

Anonymous said...

Which one is listed twice? Marianne and Mariana are 2 different people.

Anonymous said...

Theres two Veras there.

Anonymous said...

Ah, so there is. well spotted.

Anonymous said...

What about wsf and soc or have they already left.

Anonymous said...

Two vera's? Mariana/Marianne? LOL!
Mikey, if you're going to invent friends, keep better records. Slow up, freak, you're getting confused.

Anonymous said...

LOL 19.43

There was also Isabel/Isabelle

Anonymous said...

Primavera is still psoting there?
Even though she knows full well what he's been up to?

Anonymous said...

And she's a Teacher

Anonymous said...

Hey you Guys this teacher needs reporting and quick.

If you don't want to do it post a link and I will.

Never forget Women can be as perverted as Men.

scott said...

post 2.17

from scott