Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Another lie exposed and rubbished

The real story of how an email was 'accidentally' leaked to others.

You will see this article was archived with 49 messages that can still be read (which have been screenshotted and saved should Hitchen decide to delete them).

You will also notice that, while Hitchen is complaining about his email being posted in a forum, he is quite happy to post HenryDog's email on his blog.

The 49 comments can be read here
(unfortunately Mike Hitchen has now removed this link because he's obviously scared about it, but I have screenshotted it anyway)


coco said...

Hitchen, since we know you read all this, why do you never get it? Oh we know why you never get it, but 'get it' as in cotton-on to what's being said? Or maybe you just like to pretend to be clueless so you can carry on being even more annoying and insulting.

Of course HenryDog may have given access to her email address within the AOL forum in which she posted. But the point she was making is that you published it to another whole set of people (many thousands worldwide according to you, and a lot of them 'anti-McCann') at the same time as inferring HenryDog was Philomena McCann!

Twit, yes.

Richard Head said...

The following paragraph quoted from Hitchen's diatribe speaks volumes, does it not?

"After nearly nine years of newsgroup flame wars, it is an issue I am familiar with.

I imagine most of us have been caught up to a greater or lesser degree in a flame war at some point in our online lives. I also imagine the vast majority of us would simply back away from such behaviour. Either after saying our piece, or saying nothing.

Either way, no matter how you look at it, to be involved in 9 years of various flame wars raises questions as to why.

You bloody love it, don't you Hitchen?

Its just another way that you get off. Because you can't get off like normal people do.

jkh said...

Thank you for posting this for me, blog owner.

I'm just back from my holiday and have a lot of catching up to do!

I hope this shows how all the hatred started from Mike. I believe he wanted to try to get at HenryDog and used me to do it cos he's knows I'm flippin gullible and I believed anything he had to say in the beginning.

Oh well, I'm not often right but I was wrong again!

I made a public apology to Mike and he accepted it and said it was over... but clearly that wasn't the case because look at what he's doing now! It seems he's blaming me for anything that ever went wrong in his life. He knows who I am and where I live and I'm an easier target than someone called HenryDog! He can't exactly research her much can he?

Glad it was just an email of his I posted and not anything really serious cos I reckon he'd have had his hitmen onto me by now. But then I think he prefers people to kill themselves as that would give him far more satisfaction and power.

Well, I'm far too busy to commit suicide for him. Sorry, Mike!

Anonymous said...

It makes me sick how he thinks he's the cats whiskers just because he's 'experienced in online forums' - like that is such a great accomplishment - NOT!
If he's so experienced online why does he publish all his perverted crap online UNDER HIS REAL NAME, and then expect people to take him seriously as a 'businessman' - he's a joke...a sick one..

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a lovely holiday JKH. Nice to see you back.

Hitchen has gone incredibly quiet on all fronts so the police warning has obviously shut him up. If nothing else happens, we should all consider it successful that the tiny part of the world who knows Hitchen now knows the real Hitchen. Baby TFA is happy and secure with his loving family.

HITCHEN HAS FAILED ON ALL COUNTS. I consider that we have won.

There is still work to be done though to have him forced to remove all his bile. An apology to all concerned from him would be the icing on the cake, but let's stay realistic ;)