Monday, 21 April 2008

That's good news then, thanks Mike


Anonymous said...


Bet he's eating his words now.

Richard Head said...


Such sweet irony!

Anonymous said...

Apart from the obivous, one of the reasons I admire this blog owner is because they have the GUTS NOT to put comment mod on...Unlike Hitchen and that of his supporters who have blogs and have enabled comment mod.

Well done to you for the courage you have shown unlike Hitchen & Co

Anonymous said...

post 23.30

Thats how it goes when you have dirty little secrets, no back bone and have a lot to hide...

Oh and when you don't beleive in freedom of speech.

Anonymous said...


Love it.

Anyone know how far
Hitchen got in school?
Probably dropped out or
maybe expelled for
deviant behavior.
What a loser.
Almost pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike! you have just closed a legal loophole for me so I can post your name all over the planet and your business name and your perverted habits and link everything right back to you and there is SOD ALL you can do about it because you have stated that "anything of yours can be posted anywhere" I'm off to link your business to your sexual try and earn a living and try not leech off your momma. heh.

Anonymous said...

Anything written by Hitchen, he is clear on that, but this seems to be emails sent by a third party? Has that person, if he/she actually exists, authorised their further use?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike - I'll send flyers to all the residents in that slum dwelling that you and your Mother live in and all details that show its you. I am sure they'll be thrilled to learn that they have a pervert living with them. How's Mummy going to get you out of this latest mess?