Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Know thy enemy and know thy self

Sun Tzu Wu said, "Know thy enemy and know thy self and you will win a hundred battles"

It's a policy I have adopted for a long time and has stood me in good stead.

Information gives me the means to formulate effective strategies to address foreseeable actions that have the potential to impact negatively on myself, family or friends.

On my business website, I advertise "Research" and "Investigation" Have done so for a long time. Information gives you the edge. It is the roller that changes the level playing field to ones advantage. Do you think I would advertise such services if I was not fully capable or had systems in place to be able to do so?

Know thy enemy.


Mike Hitchen 6 November, 2001


A Convert said...

Unfortunately, I think too many of us have come to know you all too well, and we really really don't like what we see. But you're right maggot, it has helped serve our cause by knowing you (our enemy) well, finding out all the things you have written, because there can be no doubt in anyone's mind about exactly the type of "person" you are.

Interested said...

'Research' and 'investigation'. Ably assisted by Mona. Now that's quite a laugh - well it would be if they hadn't been trying to find a deceased child.

hitchen hater said...

His research and investigation comes primarily from RSS and Technorati feeds and he mearly pastes and posts them onto his crap blog and then takes credit for someone elses work.

His encouragement to his minions in trying to trace death records of someones stillborn child showed him up to be exactly what he is and precisely how he thinks.

He really is a mentally sick old man who needs to feel important, wanted and needed 'somewhere' in society. He cannot achieve this directly so his sad sick life revolves around the internet to ensnare people into his web where he can fulful his sexual desires and think in the process that his life has become worthwhile.

Interestingly, links to his business take you to his rants that show he is NO businessman at all, and he is ruining his own pisspot business. More interestingly, search engines regarding Hitchen has far more links to here than his own websites or so called business!

Anonymous said...

His so-called business blog is a farse. And can anyone remember him taking even half an hour off to go do some real work? I thought not!

Richard Head said...

I believe he considers photographing the visable panty lines of Sydney to be real work.

Anti child spanking said...

LOL Richard Head!