Monday, 21 April 2008

Mike Hitchen displays his latest libellous filth on his 'business' blog that is accessed by schoolchildren


Anonymous said...

maggot is sickening scum and so are his supporters.

interested said...

Indeed, the 'spoof blog' is known for vulgar content pulled from "adult" websites.

That's exactly the point Hitchen - well done, full marks for that one.

What's also known around the globe now is that Hitchen wrote every word of the vulgar content we're displaying.

There you go - that will be another Google link straight to here for Mike Hitchen and his supposed Voice for Madeleine McCann.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Doh! Sorry about the reverse capital letters!

Anonymous said...

Jeremy Young take note please...?

This could very well be "the flyer" that Hitchen has sent round Bradford pubs and inciting hatred is a very serious offence.

Jeremy Young, make sure you let the police see this. Who knows what kind of moron could get hold of a flyer and believe the lies in it, then who knows what that moron might do.

Take it seriously please.

Anonymous said...

"... Jeremy Young... who repeatedly wrote about others wanting to masturbate..."
WRONG Hitchen - not repeatedly. He once said he would not post her photograph - you were challenging him to do so to prove she existed - because he could not contemplate you doing that. Not "others", just you - you who have a proven record of perverted sexual fantasies.

"... a spoof blog designed to discredit an Australian blogger, known for raising awareness of child exploitations issues..."
WRONG Hitchen - this blog is designed to show exactly who you are: all the content from "adult" websites was written by you, including clear allusions to physical and sexual abuse of children. You have discredited yourself with these writings and actions - this blog only archives them, for the record.
Kindly prove that you have any track record of awareness raising regarding exploited children (copy/pasting UN news items of which you yourself probably only read the title does not count).

"It is one of several instances where babies been exploited by his supporters"
Please use proper sentences.
Please back up your claim of "several instances": there is not a single instance. The image of this child is not being exploited, it is being used exactly for the purpose it was publicised: to stop further child abuse, in this case, abuse by Hitchen in the shape of hate campaigns against parents and trying to break up families out of spite.

"...What sort of a mother must she be to willingly let her husband talk about ... and endorsing the use of a photo of baby on a blog containing adult content"
HOW DARE YOU now start attacking Mrs. Young, who has never done anything at all to you? How dare you imply that she has endorsed the use of the photo of her own baby, by conveniently dropping an article in that sentence?

Hitchen - you are a contemptible worm. You lie so much you may even end up believing your own lies, but they are lies just the same. Leave that little boy and his parents alone. Just because you can't have a family does not entitle y to destroy that of others.


Anonymous said...

Bravo Gato!

Anonymous said...

He's only mentioning the Missus because he's totally run out of things to do to get at Tranny. Totally nothing left for Hitchen to have a go at. He's having one last attempt with the Missus but it's not going to amount to much.

We've all read Tranny's beautiful, hilarious blogs about life with Piglet and you can bet your last cent that hitchen avidly reads them the second they are published.

He is seething with jealousy and also seething with rage that he has failed in everything he has set out to do.

The police have totally shut him up. He has lost.

Tranny has had absolutely nothing to do with this blog from all accounts and Hitchen only makes himself seem even more of a divvy for persisting with this dead end.

Let Hitchen go at it. Tranny's lawyers and the police are taking it all in.

Hitchen - you are a loser and you have lost this as well.

You boast about how you destroy people's lives but ironically the two people who you've tried to ruin most publically have not been affected by your attempts.


Anonymous said...

The day I hear they are pressing charges against this wicked, evil pervert I will hang the flags out and open a bottle.
And good post Gato. I see you on the 3As and while we post from opposite sides of the fence as regards the Mccanns, we can unite in hating the maggot.

Anonymous said...

blog owner:
I see the maggot gives a link to CEOP at the bottom of his disgusting tirade.
Are CEOP aware of his activities? Would they like such a pervert, and possible internet groomer, to have a link from his vile site to theirs?
I think they should be told.

Anonymous said...

tfa is a HUNK no wonder Hitchen doesn't like him.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he is a hunk. The daft thing is even TFA used to post on Hitchen's blog and we were all one happy family.

What happened? Mike just got too big for his ego and started slagging people off, that's what.

You can only take so much abuse of that nature. And when he attacked TFA's baby most of us left to show Hitchen that we would not tolerate it.

And we still wont.

Those that are left in his forum are the ones who joked about Ethel - they are mainly teachers and Madeleine McCann bloggers.

It's disgusting and quite disturbing really.

Long live the pervbusters!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes! Mrs tfa is one lucky lady!!

Anonymous said...

She certainly is and I bet my bottom dollar it has an awful lot to do with that gorgeous loving man of hers.

If Hitchen wasn't such a low life I could almost feel pity for him for he will never know the joy of making a woman feel as good as Tranny does his missus!

Anonymous said...

I made an error with the above post. It should read:-

She certainly is a very lucky lady and deleriously happy too I shouldn't wonder and I bet my bottom dollar it has an awful lot to do with that gorgeous loving man of hers.

If Hitchen wasn't such a low life I could almost feel pity for him for he will never know the joy of making a woman feel as good as Tranny does his missus!

21 April 2008 23:08