Saturday, 19 April 2008

Can Hobnob and Mandy get any more stupid bizarre?

Considering how Mandy and Hobnob are aware of Hitchen's Hate Campaign... how can they now say this? :

How ironic and hypocritical that Mandy and Hobnob (an online forum host) should be discussing chidrens' online security with the master of online stalking, harassment and disguises such as Ziggy, sydneysydney, The Likely Lad and The Guv'nor who writes about child abuse and incest with his brother - and Anthony who is stalking Jeremy on various sites and forums!

What is going on with these people?

Answers on a postcard please.


showing my age now said...

Funny he should choose that poster as his new avatar. I'm really interested in war-time memorabilia and that's a famous poster from the early days, a lot of you will already know how notorious it was. It backfired on the government because people didn't like being lumped in together with the government to make one big "us" when it was the people who were off fighting.

If I can quote something:
In September, 1939, Britain declared war. Mass-Observation asked its volunteers to keep diaries of the experience, and the government hired the group to find out whether its posters were improving morale. “Your Courage / Your Cheerfulness / Your Resolution / Will Bring Us Victory,” one poster read. Mass-Observation reported that the pronoun shift [to "us"] was DISASTROUS.

So yet again, Hitchen plays a masterstroke of not really "getting it". Hitchen, that poster was a complete disaster during the war and I doubt it will do you any good at all.

Anonymous said...

For someone who is a chatroom host, hobnob appears to have no real idea about who and who not to trust online. Sucking up to maggot does nothing to affirm their online safety advice.

Anonymous said...

does anyone know which forum she hosts?

Anonymous said...

People who gave the maggot their personal details (believing he could be trusted) lived to regret it. How can they utterly miss that point?

jkh said...

I can certainly vouch for that - regretting that I ever gave him any personal details. I had no idea he would use it against me to ruin me just because I told him how horrible he was to make fun of Ethel.

But then he doesn't even need much in the way of personal details because he will find what he needs anyway.

And if he can't find anything, he just makes it up. And even when it's all disproved, he still carries on.

I do hope none of you are added to his hate list. It's not a nice place to be.