Wednesday, 16 April 2008

How Mike Hitchen's Hate Campaign began - The McCann's: Why?

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This is the post that kicked off all the hatred from Mike because someone had the audacity to query his plea for more information when he'd been telling his readers that he had inside information that would nail the McCann's and now we were starting to realise it had all been a bluff.
There were hundreds of replies to this, all of which he's deleted as he's now tidying up his affairs to protect himself.

"The Madeleine McCann threads on this blog aim to right those wrongs, to provide a voice for the betrayed, the angry and the frustrated. If anyone reading this can help make our voices be heard even louder, you can email me at

Those who have helped before, will tell you I protect those who have come to our aid. Despite what some may think, I am quite approachable and always answer emails!

There is a lot in my past I regret and that I am ashamed of. This campaign is not one of them."

Oh yes, Mike, we've found quite a lot of the stuff that you should be ashamed of. Maybe your 'Madeleine McCann' campaign is not something you are ashamed of, but you should be very ashamed of your 'Child at Risk' campaign - and so should your supporters such as Mariana Faithful, Pamalam, and Primavera (the ones who also have websites about children).


Anonymous said...

Well now we know what kind of man he is i think he should be ashamed of his MM campaign.

He was never interested in MM, it was just a way to get women in his spank box for his own agenda.

Anonymous said...

I actually agreed with Maggots' words. I was impressed that he could write things that the majority of the british public felt (but found their comments to articles in newspapers never printed) but I was dismayed to find that Hitchen posted topical items with a hidden agenda (getting $6 donations and email addresses to talk dirty to members)on emails or in his shout box.

Since the McCann's are effectively gagging comments on forums and blogs it's time that Hitchen put his hate campaign "I will not be gagged attitude well into action, but he has shut up!

What's he so frightened of? has he been gagged by Clarice (I hope so, it means Clarice has acted on the CD that I sent) has he got bored with posting about Madeleine? Can Hitchen get more money from posting Irin feeds? I think Hitchen finds that he can get more money out of people from other topics and Madeleine has ceased to be a money earler or a link to his perverted more important aims.

Anonymous said...

I remember this particular post, and I remember laughing in disgust at his complaint that the newspapers were not interested in the fact that his "well being" was being discussed on the MF.
I was always convinced that Hitchen himself started that thread on the MF about receiving threats, to make himself look important.
I seriously doubt the McCanns even looked at his blog and if they did, it is clear that they decided he wasn't important: they haven't sued him have they? And he wrote much more defamatory things than certain Newspapers, and some of the comments by readers were even worse. An obscure blog in Australia with a couple of hundred readers was never a big threat to their position.

Anonymous said...

I think the majority of us on his blog agreed with his words - that was why we were there.

Many of us also did a lot of research for him which enabled him to write his articles. Those comments have been deleted and he's taken ownership of them.

I remember this day very well when he posted this article. Someone queried it and all hell broke loose. He was very insulting and even sounded like he was drunk.

He shocked a lot of us.

I'm not suprised he's deleted all the comments, he should be ashamed of himself for the things he said.

He lost a lot of respect and a great many supporters that day.

Anonymous said...

Crikey, I remember this day like it was yesterday. He certainly threw a wobbler.

Anonymous said...

"I remember laughing in disgust at his complaint that the newspapers were not interested in the fact that his "well being" was being discussed on the MF......."

"it is clear that they decided he wasn't important"

Well said Anon- you have summed it up - he's just an unimportant little man, always has been always will be. Except for the summer of 07 where he briefly had his 15 mins. of fame until his
perverted alter-ego came creeping up into the shoutbox...just couldn't keep it down could you Mike? Now its out in the open there's not much you can do about it, might as well change your name and start all over again.