Monday, 7 April 2008

Mike Hitchen's new blogs: Now Jane Freer is also a target


Anonymous said...

He's acting like he's had a relationship with every woman who ever posted on his blog and now he's acting like a spurned lover because they were so disgusted by his behaviour and his comments about Jeremy's baby that they left his blog. Worse, in his eyes, is that we all came out in support of Jeremy and he now sees Jeremy as his competition because he has maggot's 'women'!

So now maggot has at least 2 women stalking him does he?

Funny how he loved the attention of all the women while they were on his blog, but as soon as they left they became "rejected slags".

If women leave him because of his sick behaviour why would they then want to stalk him?

Come down off that pedestal you put yourself on, maggot, before you fall because it's a long way down.

Anonymous said...

He is a complete arsehole. He drove Jane to attempt suicide and now he's bragging about it by blogging about her. What the hell drives this man on?

Anonymous said...

I hate him MORE than I hate brussel sprouts and they make me gag.

Anonymous said...

I despise him.

Is he going to end up dedicating a blog to each and every person who abandoned his blog?!