Saturday, 12 April 2008

Mike Hitchen: cheese fondue anyone?

What, like this you mean?

I even leave my poor mother unsupervised, though thanks to other parties, police check on her every 30 minutes:)


Anonymous said...

Cheese fondue?!?!
How lame.

Richard Head said...

Cheese fondue?!?!
How very 70s.

Naff and out of touch, just like the maggot that wrote it.

Anonymous said...

Ha Mikey - you're trying to be "witty" making a reference to Kate McCann with the fondue statement, as per your forum.
It didn't work, mate.

interested said...

'Wants him to do something for her'! Well unless she's looking for a damn good spanking let's hope for her sake she doesn't know about his 'kink' and that he'll be sizing up her ass, what type of knickers, even what sort of jumper she's wearing.

Where's Tinman gone? He's very quiet these days. Isn't that nice ;)

Anonymous said...

He probably never offers to pay for lunch, or leaves a tip - tightwad..

Anonymous said...

The attempt at humour is frankly pathetic.

hitchen hater said...

I should think that she wants him to take a long walk off a short pier.