Friday, 11 April 2008

Pots and Kettles

Despite being warned by police to stop his hate campaign Mike Hitchen, Lane Cove's sexual predator, updates his profile to refer to Jeremy as a child pervert - despite evidence posted on this blog that is written by Mike Hitchen himself, that proves he's actually a pervert himself who fantasises and lusts after children.


hitchen hater said...

I seriously hope that this apology of a human being with a very inventive mind starts to live in fear of a knock on the door or something that arrives in his post.

He has no proof as what he writes about is a fiction of his imagination. He can't argue with the truth so he invents lies - we can all do that if we wanted Maggot, but so far on this blog we are are sticking to the truth and with links to prove it - and that is far more than you can ever hope to achieve.

Three innocent people that you have decided to try to ruin (you won't achieve it) you are now inventing stuff that never existed, or what these people 'supposedly said' just to try and squirm your way out of a situation that you caused that has now got too hot for comfort. For once in your life be a man and back off and apologise and stop a vendetta all of your own making caused by your lying to back up your porous inventive claims. Or shall we start inventing stuff about you and creating WWW blogs with information about you which contains our carefully edited "proof"??

Anonymous said...

Jeremy Young is Bradford's favourite child pervert is he? I thought he was a man, not a child ;)

Maggot, if you're going to write malicious lies, can you not at least try to get things like that right?

GatoPardo said...

There is absolutely no excuse for this vile, ongoing hate campaign.
The pervert who fantasizes about children is Hitchen himself.
TFA is a loving father who has never written anything perverted.

perv buster said...

Hitchen, just so you know, I would be one who no matter where I am (currently out of the country) will be keeping tabs on you until Justice is done. I would like to believe law enforcement by now has you under control but apparently not so guess what, PERV, this doesn't end until the cops convince you to shut the F up.

I look forward to the day you're permanently put on mute. Until then, I will consider you a dangerous predator.