Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Anna-May Silvestro is Primavera, the Warwickshire supply schoolteacher, who is assisting an offender by the name of Mike Hitchen

Anna-May Silvestro's online aliases are Primavera or AnnaEsse. She is the Warwickshire supply schoolteacher (Etone school) and is an acupuncture practioner. She is assisting an offender by the name of Mike Hitchen in his secret 'Dream Team' forum where they discuss Hitchen's 'Child at Risk' campaign.

She is aware of this blog and she is aware of the police letter that was sent to Hitchen stating that there is NO evidence of any criminal activity, except his own, yet still she supports his campaign.

Is she really the sort of person we need to be teaching our young kids? A person who knowingly links herself to Mike Hitchen who is proven, by all the evidence contained in these blogs, to be a pervert who writes graphic stories about abusing children?


Anonymous said...

Yeah she is stupid! apart from anything else he's not a Journalist and he's not Australian.

He suckered her in good n proper

coco said...

How many more times are we going to see Primavera's favourite phrase "What a load of pusillanimous claptrap"?

Yawn yawn yawn. It doesn't make you appear highly intelligent you know Primavera. Your intelligence has been gauged using other more indicative markers.

Anonymous said...

Well said coco.

Primavera is a sanctimonious old battle axe...

I'm sure she was Sarah in another life.

Richard Head said...

And it not, Sarah was sanctimonious old battle axe too!

If my child attended the Etone school I'd have him removed forthwith!

Children should be taught by people who care about them and their education not by a woman who supports the actions of confirmed pervert.

A Fan said...

I think the school should really be sent a copy of all Prima fucking donnas posts and I am more than capable of printing out such a copy and posting it off first class.

Yes, I shall spend the next day or so gathering all her clap trap posts and the supporting posts she made in honour of world famous pervert and child groomer maggot hitchen, along with a few of maggots stories, and as she is a teacher, it is only fair I send the school the stories maggot wrote that involve young children. Not very nice to see a teacher supporting such a vile creature.
Anyone got any idea how one would get a list of parents who send their kids to said school? It's only right that they are fully informed of the sort of teacher who is suppose to be educating their kids. As she is such a supporter of maggot, Lord knows what she is teaching the kids, It is fair to say she may well be involved in a grooming process and the school would need to investigate to rule this out, and parents should be allowed to make up their own minds.
People who perv over kids should be slaughtered, along with those who support them.

Anonymous said...

Anna-May Silvestro is a real piece of nasty work! i know, what she is doing doesn't suprise me at all.

I don't like the way she stirs up hate and trouble for the McCanns either, always there with your inuendo aren't you Anna.

By the way i am not a Mc supporter i just hate Anna.