Sunday, 13 April 2008

'mum21' rumbled Mike Hitchen months before we did


Anonymous said...

Well I hate to say 'I told you so' but some of us DID, vociferously, all over the forums.

And sadly we were laughed at as 'chimps' and many folks were run off the forums by the those days anti-McCann and pro-Hitchen were completely inseparable. Some of us thought that we ought to be able to have a civilized debate, where saying you didn't think the McCanns had murdered their child was allowed, and where it was also possible to say that you thought Mike was a jerk, and just possibly something a damn sight worse.

I'm happy that so many who once worshipped the guy's every utterance have found out the truth, and sorry too that people had to get hurt in the process.
Perhaps the next time there is an internet flap about some big case, the 'internauts' might remember this episode, and give a little more respect to those of opposing opinions?

coco said...

Anon - please be assured that not all of us who were Hitchen supporters laughed at you as 'chimps'. I also would have welcomed civilized debate with anyone who had another opinion and was very uncomfortable with the way those who tried to voice it were treated.

I, and I'm sure others here, did my best to defend anyone who posted in a civilised way and were insulted by a few of his supporters. My own comments were deleted by Hitchen or his overnight admin. I think you'll find that those who attacked were those who are still supporting him now.

It wasn't perhaps as black and white as you think.

Anonymous said...

I was once very pro Hitchen until he took my money, deleted my posts and berated me for no reason at all. I am delighted to find that I was not the only one it happened to, but I am very sorry for all the other legitimate posters he used and abused and then dumped as they were seemingly of no further use to him and his hidden agenda.

Anonymous said...

It just goes to show how someone like Hitchen can pull the wool over peoples' eyes. A lot of us were taken in by him and conned, ridiculed, stalked, harassed, and abused.

And all because we didn't want to talk dirty with him. All we wanted was a place to discuss what happened to poor little Madeleine.

He saw a perfect opportunity to get people on board his kinky train and grabbed it with both hands.

I hate him, and whoever is putting all this stuff together about him deserves a medal. It's certainly opened my eyes.

Robbie Bailey said...

Absolutely! Even I, of the male persuasion, physically cringed at how he treated the ladies that contributed to his blog in the innocent belief that he cared.

Ladies please believe me when I say us men are NOT all the same.

As is Mr Hitchens I am not a father but never in all life have I been so eaten with twisted jealous rage at another man's prospective fatherhood that I have set out to destroy that man's joy.

Mr Hitchens you are a damned cad of the highest order and I salute these ladies and their strength in the face of evil.

Anonymous said...

mr robbie bailey, i salute you as a true gentleman!

a 'damned cad' is a wonderfully old-fashioned way of putting it:-)