Sunday, 20 April 2008

Mike Hitchen has a rant

One of Mike Hitchen's rants at someone else - but it sounds all so familiar

For heavens sake lighten up; you are becoming a crashing bore with your uninformed, judgmental brand of coffee bar socialism regarding. issues you know very little about.
If you just stop whining for a while and read on, then you may actually learn from someone who I can assure you, knows far more about these things than your incredible naivety shows you ever will.
I run two businesses in which emotional issues are very much part and parcel of the work. If those involved in small business or "start ups" are experiencing personal, financial, family problems etc, that will affect their business. A great part of my work involves listening and trying to help solve those problems.
I get at least one client a week telling me they are contemplating suicide, and as yet, no one ever has. It is not something you can detach yourself from easily, especially when you have the experience and judgement to gauge the potential of such an act, and care about the people concerned.
In the last few weeks I have had seven "clients" lose someone close to them. I use inverted commas, because these people are more than just clients, they have become people I care about. At the same time, several close friends have also been through a lot.
I too have major problems both with my own health and that of a very close family member.
The point of the above is that Rufus is not in the above category. He is a professional attention seeker and one of the tools he uses to draw attention to himself is to hurt people. He has hurt Courtney, Beth, Dawn and many others. He goes out of his way to do so without any provocation.
It's his choice. I am not about to concern myself with some insignificant little arsehole who goes out of his way to hurt people I care about
People think I am hard because I often refuse those who come up to me in the street and ask for money or cigarettes. Those who judge me are much like yourself, they think they know the facts, would like to believe they know the facts - but don't.
For a very long time I worked in a homeless men's centre, something which is well documented. I know the difference between those who are genuine and those who are professional beggars. Those whoare genuine get any assistance I am able to give. The others...well I will let you figure out what they get. It's the same with Rufus.
Most of the people he has hurt know Rufus and are also emotionally strong enough to put his hate in perspective. But one day he will attack someone who is not so strong. They may be going through a difficult time, or they may just be sensitive. An attack by Rufus may just be the final straw.
Have you considered that fact at all? or do the narrow parameters of your home-on-the-range social philosophy extend only to defending someone who may top himself because he has received a negative reaction to a course of action he chose to embark on?
I have very little sympathy for anyone who hurts myself, family, friends or business. I count Court, Beth and Dawn as good friends - very good in fact. I do not care one iota about the perpetrator of hurt, but I do care about those who are the victims. When that happens my motto is "whatever it takes".
People who have hurt or crossed me have suffered nervous breakdowns and a marriage breakup as a consequence of my actions. I view those as positive results and any harm done is of no interest to to me. If they can't do the time, then don't do the crime - I didn't ask them to hurt me.
Let's consider two of your uninformed judgements. You make reference to Courtneys achievements. There are many things that Courtney has acheived and amongst them is to become my friend. I do not make friends easily, but when I do they stay friends for a very long time. I go for quality, rather than quantity. She has earned my respect and my friendship, which is a damn sight more than you are ever likely to achieve.
Secondly, you responded to a post by Ruffiane regarding a response of mine to Rufus. You donned your amazing black and white dream coat to impart wisdom to all - again without knowing the facts. I do appreciate that talking about things you have no knowledge or understanding of, greatly increases your choice of subject matter, but there are a few things you didn't know.
Ruffiane and I have a history. Some time ago it made an unfounded allegation about my business. It is too stupid to check the facts, and assumed that everyone is as stupid as it is.
I have been around too long not to realise that in business, every now and then someone will come along and try to discrdeit you. I take precautions and I was able to produce documented and archived evidence that what it refered to, was in fact completely wrong. In the same post, it also refered to someone very close to me.
Others may forgive and forget, I don't - I see no percentage in it.
Oh, and before you make another patronising post about how people spend hours anguishing over responses; maybe it takes *you* hours to write an intelligent response, that's certainly not the case with me.

Mike Hitchen Sept 10, 2001


Anonymous said...

This whole text deserves a blow-by-blow analysis, but I will just point out three, to leave some for the rest!

"I get at least one client a week telling me they are contemplating suicide"
For a business consultant this sounds as plausible as Kate McCann being in contact with 6 cadavers in a few weeks time!
The man apparently doesn't know the difference between a business consultant and a shrink, so cannot be either!

"In the last few weeks I have had seven "clients" lose someone close to them. I use inverted commas, because these people are more than just clients, they have become people I care about."
Apart from the unlikelihood of this statement, unless there was an epidemic of some sort, any professional knows that it is important to keep a professional distance and not mix professional and personal issues.

"There are many things that Courtney has achieved and amongst them is to become my friend."
This had to take first prize for most sick, self-centered opinion of another person!


Richard Head said...

He appears to have, at some point, set himself up as some sort of counsellor. That, aside from all the perverted stuff, is worrying in itself.

Does he have professional counselling qualifications? Or is he one of these phonies that sets themselves up as a professional in order to fleece a dishonest income?

interested said...

"I get at least one client a week telling me they are contemplating suicide, and as yet, no one ever has."

Must only be because none of them crossed him otherwise he'd have happily finished the task for them.