Monday, 19 May 2008

Yawn. More regurgitation from Mike Hitchen


Anonymous said...

Actually Hitchen is quite correct about anyone trying to frighten him off. We intend ruining his business, his reputation, protecting his Mother, saving children, exonerating Jill havern, Jeremy Young and Elmer Quigley. I see this blasted Hitchen is as usual full of hot air and wind with no proof whatsoever of the crap he comes out with. He's a right clown and I have to laugh at him - he's over 50 years old and behaves like a teenager. There again, that's his mentality so he's easy to crap on and rub it in.

jkh said...

Blimey, I don't know what fantasy world he lives in if he thinks I was trying to lure him into sexual conversations.

Anyone would have to be pretty desperate to talk dirty to that creep.

Besides, I thought he said it was Jane Freer who did that? Seems to me he's lying so much he can't even remember his own porkies now.

Maggot you need to get yourself a notebook so you can keep track of the lies you spout cos you're starting to trip yerself up!

I'm going back to TFA's blog now to read about piglet... tarah!

Anonymous said...

EH!! Hitchen JKH needs nourishment not punishment.

In your dreams Hitchen! in your dreams LOL.

Anonymous said...

So ...... does MH write his own blog posts or does he expect anyone to believe he has a team of publicists writing his stuff and then quoting him? Complete fool.

Anonymous said...

He's a complete tosser isn't he, writing in the 3rd person as though he's got a spokesman like Clarence Mitchell LOL

He's a friggin' blogger for crying out loud. And a rubbish one at that if all he can do is publish his hatred on there for his alleged US military and government visitors to look at. If they see that stuff on there does anyone really think they would go back for a second visit?


Just who the hell does he think he's trying to fool?

Anonymous said...

He's trying to fool himself!

Anonymous said...

I don't know how these things work and so please forgive my ignorance.

Its possible, is it not, for these high ranking visitors to be nothing more than 'spiders'?