Thursday, 1 May 2008

Cowardly baby-basher Mike Hitchen issues new threat via an anonymous supporter

What are you fighting exactly?

A hate campaign that has a newborn baby at the centre of it. A hate campaign started by Mike Hitchen simply because he didn't like the father. A hate campaign that grew to vile proportions, dragging other innocent people into it, because we chose to support the father when Hitchen attacked the father's stillborn baby.

You and Hitchen have so far attacked two babies now in an attempt to destroy the father's life. You have also dragged his wife into it, aswell as other innocent people - one of them who has already tried to end her life because of Hitchen.

You and Mike Hitchen use babies as weapons.

If you want to fight a hate campaign of that obscene nature then we are here to stay to ensure Hitchen and the likes of you are dealt with by the police. Whilst we are all under threat from people like you and Mike Hitchen, how can we get our lives back?

Thank you for your visit - the evidence collected is extremely important to help strengthen our cause.


Anonymous said...

That grammatical error ' lifes' - quite interesting ;-))

Anonymous said...

How nice of cutomer number 588 - (virgin media)to leave their complete details (I am not posting their complete details here for obvious reasons)

Unlike maggot, who threatens that he knows/can trace everybody - ummm which he can't,some can!

*cue evil laughter*

I am pretty sure that the abuse department of NTL Internet Ltd
Caradog House, Cleppa Park
Newport, Gwent NP10 8UG, are going to like the fact that you back a child abusing pervert and come here to threaten us under the asumed "safe" anonymous cloak using their facilities to do so.

Have a nice day because you are not online right now but you will be later today and I'LL KNOW, heh. Word of advice....don't take on grown up's here because you are way out of your league and depth.

Anonymous said...

You will fight what precisely? Are you so afraid to have the courage of your own convictions and give a name to your post, or do you prefer to hide behind Hitchen's lacy pink knickers and simply call yourself "anonymous" whilst issuing mindless threats?

Excuse me while I stop laughing at you and practise quivvering in terror, meh.

Anonymous said...

Anon-30 April 01.10
That ip address is mine. If you look at your records again you will find that I was not the one that made that post.
Although I was lurking in the early of this morning as I often do on a regular basis. I just find it interesting to read some of the things that are posted.
Will you remove my ip address and post the correct one please.
Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

We are "rejected" in the sense that "we rejected Hitchen and the vile things he stands for", not the other way round.

Does Hitchen / do his followers have a life of their own?

I thought not.


Anonymous said...

Haha sounds like Isabel at the J&B.

Silly old cow that she is.