Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Maggot accuses TFA of fabricating police statements


Anonymous said...

Where, pray, has Mr. Young made any such statement? Maggot, as always you are just empty words and no proof, because there is none.

Anonymous said...

As TFA said when I emailed him this link: "what a knob!"

The police are still investigating maggot.

Anonymous said...

Again all this is a figment of Maggot's feeble brainpower and without any proof to substantiate a word.

He would do well now to simply give up the battle because if he continues then the one who will be totally ruined will be himself and not anyone that he has set out to attempt to do. We are only just warming up here and have many more years ahead of us and lots more ammunition that has not even been shared on the WWW sites yet.

Anonymous said...

Do not fret for one milisecond everyone. Hitchen was warned politely by the police. He not only ignored the warning but sent back a ridiculously petty email full of defiance. Our police do not take kindly to this kind of thing and make no mistake... they are in full contact with the NSW police who are doing many background checks, probably even as I type this.

I have emailed the man (thanks Hitchen for giving us his name) and given him details of service providers, forum hosts etc, and the reply I had was that the information would be very useful.

Do not for a second think he is getting away with anything. These things take time in order for them to be done properly. Hitchen's time as nastiest blogger in the world is almost up. Justice will soon be served.

Anonymous said...

Bless Tranny's cotton socks. He is really such a sweetheart. Whereas maggot is just a blackheart.