Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Attached Parenting In The Face Of Bullying

Post by Jeremy Young

Oh it's great being a hippy dad. Well ok, I'm not a hippy as such - more an attached parent - but let's not get bogged down in terminology. Especially when it is such a sunny day and I have been out for a walk with piglet in the baby sling (not that one btw).

It's such a nice feeling walking about and with piglet in the sunshine - and the sling is ideal because you can talk to the baby about the stuff going on around you. I suspect that I might have looked a little bit nutty - but then no more so than the people who walk round with those mobile phones which attach to their ears - in fact probably less so since I was saying things like 'that was an ambulance and the siren was going because they are hurrying to the hospital' instead of 'fish fingers, buy, buy, sell, sell'.Oh and of course wherever we went there were people billing and cooing and sneaking a quick look and saying what a lovely baby - which is of course the truth.Yes it's nice being a hippy dad - or attached parent.

Anywho...I notice Mike Hitchen continues his campaign of harrassment against me and my family.I haven't really been keeping up with all the twists and turns of his ferbrile mind, prefering to just let the police get on with their job of investigating him and his chums on the secret forum.When I say I haven't been keeping up with matters, what I mean is that occasionally I pop along to the mikehitchenreferncelibrary to see if there is anything that needs to be refered to the police. Which generally there isn't, because all he is doing is repeating the same old stuff over and over again in order to boost the google ranking of his Child Protection Campaign - and the police are already aware of this stuff and investigating it - which makes it all sound very grand, until you actually go and read it and realise that in fact he is completely clueless of the circumstances of my family and driven entirely by malice. I did notice a curious thing the other day though. Apparently community groups are allowed to advertise on Mr Hitchen's blog free of charge - which is odd because that is exactly the same offer as JPC make and back in January when there was a forum attached to this blog, there was a JPC employee who took the opportunity to attack those who were using the forum to track the online activities of Mr Hitchen - the employee in question was a called Susie Neal, who was happy enough to use the company email asytem to do this - which did make me wonder if there was a connection between JPC and Mike Hitchen..... but maybe not...... you know how paranoid people get when they are being stalked and harrassed.

For those who haven't been following this harrassment campaign by Mike Hitchen, I went to the police in March after Mr Hitchen and his supporters started emailing social services making false allegations against me and my partner of child abuse, of a sexual nature - allegations that Mr Hitchen's continues to publish, despite being warned by the police to stop.One of the latest posts from Mr Hitchen can be found here. And as per usual contains factual inaccuracies. For instance, I have made no statements to the police - I have reported the incidents of harrassment, but as yet have not been asked to make a statement. The police do agree that Mr Hitchen's activities are criminal, the would not have sent a warning letter if they did not, the problem they have is that because he is in Lane Cove, Sydney Austrailia, prosecution of the offences - which are also criminal offences in Austrailia - relies on the New South Wales police, who have been informed. The police have not spoken to me with regard to anything thing other than the campaign of harrassment being waged by Mr Hitchen.What he is refering to is the offer he made to the police with regard to him stopping his illegal activities.The offer was that in return for me making a full public apology for the anguish and suffering caused to him and his mother, and the guarantee that I would never mention his name in any written form again, he would remove his Child Protection website - which I believe this jpeg is taken from. Which of course I declined to do. For the very obvious reason that I am not about to apologise to someone, for something I have not done, when they have accused me of murdering my daughter and raping her dead body: presumably in the hospital - both of which are sick beyond belief and totally without foundation - especially as the offending articles are double posted on Mr Hitchen's other blog site, which makes his offer totally meaningless. And yet another of his fabrications. This 'offer' was backed up with the claim that unless I complied with his demands a documentary about me would be posted on the internet - which rather amusingly was commented on by the police officer who rang me, as Mr Hitchen making more threats.Quite how this means that I am not mindful of the welfare of my family is not clear to me - especially given that my daughters memory has been kidnapped, raped and abused by this person who has a known sexual interest in children as demonstrated here, here, and here: and while we are on the theme of Catholic spanking, your local priest may be surprised to learn that the catholic church in Austrailia appears to give references for spanking partners. Regular readers of this blog will know that I have not made a sustained attack on Mr Hitchen's or indeed his followers, which appear to include someone whose online name is Primavera.

Apparently this person is a supply teacher at Etone Community college - which if true does make one wonder if the college knows that she spends her spare time engaging in hate campaigns? Indeed you might argue that I made the mistake of not actually attacking Mr Hitchen in person and choosing instead to use names Spanky The Bush Kangeroo, Norman 'Spanky' Bates, and the Maggot, before ignoring him, and then going to the police when his obssesion continued and he attempted, by use of lies, innuendo and smears, to have piglet removed from the loving care of myself and my partner.Of course being obsessed Mr Hitchen chooses to ignore the warning he has already recieved and then interprest what he claims to have been the message he recieved from the police, as their backing in terms of his campaign of harrassment. When in fact the message could be read in entirely the opposite way and in fact I suspect that was the way it was meant to be read.Say what you like about the police but they do not like nonces.With regard to this business about masturbation and my use of the phrase 'pimping'.

I refer you back to the post I made in November when Mr Hitchen began his campaign of harrassment, namely Journey into Depravity and you will note what I actually said:"And equally unlikely, is that I am about to post pictures of our dead child just to prove something that does not need proving. Not least because I suspect Mr Hitchen will mastubate over the picture, given his total lack of restraint or decency. "And though I have searched for the comment about pimping - without success, I believe it is in the comments somewhere - I am pretty certain that my actual phrase was that 'I am not about to start pimping out my daughter' to a man with a known and well documented quasi-sexual - in the sense that inflicting pain for sexual gratification cannot really be described as sexual in the true sense of the word - interest in children. What parent would?I should also like to make it clear that I have no connection, and never have had with mikehitchenreferancelibrary, though it has been a useful source of information, and it also alerted me to the fact that social services had been informed of Mr Hitchen's idiotic claims, as well as the attempts by Mr Hitchen to stir up vigilantte violence against myself and my family by attempting to publicise his perverted views by posting links to his various blog sites to news feeds.

I do find myself wondering what he hopes to gain by this. Supposedly the aim is to get newspapers to take up the story. And presumably shame the police and social services into action. I would suggest that any story that does result would be far more damaging to Mr Hitchen.It should also be pointed out that Mr Hitchen has been using the net to find addresses of various people who are members of various groups that I am affiliated to, and has been emailing them in a vain attempt to make them aware of 'the turth' about me and the missus. The people who recieved these emails of course ignored them for the offensive spam that they are.As for the missus being Mother of the Year, well I think she does a damned fine job, and so does piglet - which would explain why we are the proud parents of a happy and contented baby. Who draws admiring looks when out with his daddy in the sunshine. Yes we wish we had a daughter too, and in our hearts we still do, but one cannot have everything in life and as things go we are pretty much contented with our lot.

Yeah being homeless because of a hate campaign ain't much fun, but then being the subject of a perverse 'Child Protection' campaign that seeks to destroy the life of a child, ain't much fun either. But we are certainly a damned sight more contented that those who seek to destroy us by use of lies.


ps I leave you to interpret who has been lying to the police.

pps Before the bullies behind the hate campaign start running around claiming that this post is a sign of harrassment and isn't it awful etc, I am simply setting the record straight with regard to a few matters.


Blog Owner said...

Way to go tranny!

Anonymous said...

If only all men were like this man the world would be a better place...

All power to you tfa you deserve all the happiness in the world.

Anonymous said...

Your words speak volumes, Tranny! Piglet is truly the luckiest of little baby boys...with you to guide his journey he's got it made!

He will grow to be a fine, well-grounded young man.

Love on ya!

Anonymous said...

What a gentleman you are Jeremy.

Anonymous said...

Simply the BEST you are Jeremy.

Your piglet is one lucky little lad and your missus is sooooo lucky as well.

No small wonder maggot is so jealous.

The summer is coming bright days ahead, enjoy life today you'll never get them back again.

Anonymous said...

be prepared for the BASTARD to twist your words...

never posted before but your post has touched me so much, i cried when i read heartfelt.

sorry to the blog owner for swearing.

Anonymous said...

Feeling sorry that Jeremy had to get involved in something he's been able to keep out of for so long but there is always a straw that will break the camel's back. So, now that he has written this I'd just like to say what a good article it is. Thanks for putting the truth out there Tranny, even though all of us here know what the truth is, at least people who get drawn into this will have both sides of the story all in one place.

You have concisely put together everything that rubbishes all the lies Hitchen has written about you and your family.

Now there can be NO DOUBT in anybody's mind who is the villain here, and it is NOT Jeremy Young. Anybody who still chooses to support Hitchen in his endeavours can only be doing it because they are mad, evil or both. Just like Hitchen.

You sound like a lovely little family. No wonder Hitchen is eaten up with all-comsuming jealousy. You have your revenge without even trying.

Anonymous said...

Hitchen must love waking up in the morning and seeing stuff like this has been posted because it gives him something to do all day typing up his response full of lies and hatred.

Bring it on Hitchen, cos whatever you print we have the facts that disprove it.

You look more stupid and pathetic with each passing day and tranny earns more respect each day as you, and your supporters, are exposed for the evil little perverts you really are.

You deserve to be in jail.

Anna-May Silvestro certainly doesn't deserve to be allowed to work in schools.

Anonymous said...

Hitchen is planning his next move behind the scenes but it will soon go live:

Anonymous said...

He isn't very origional is he. He is copying this blog owners ideas for blog names, he copied TFA by using ADs on his blog, all his news items are copy paste and his McCann items are stolen from comments his and other posters made to other blogs. Has the Maggot not got anything new to add to anything at all??? FFS MAGGOT have you not even got a pea size brain. THIEF

Jolie said...

TFA did an excellent job of summing up the hate campaign launched by Hitchen. I wish there was someone who was able to get this full article with a link to it (stating that the blog has links within the article to click on for more information) posted on the 3As site, perhaps on a thread that does NOT include Hitchen's name (to avoid automatic censure and locking the thread and to encourage people to be more open-minded to begin reading it), but uses the title of TFA's blog entry instead, "Attached Parenting in the Face of Bullying" by Jeremy Young (TFA)"

Anyone still an active member of the 3As who's game to try it?

jkh said...

Done, Jolie

I've posted it here:

(I expect to get banned now!!)

Jolie said...


I couldn't access it with your link. I received a screen message statng that unless I was a registered user and logged in, this particular forum was not open to me.

Which section did you post it in? Let us know what type of response you get, okay?

As for your getting banned, you probably will! I hope it will be worth it to you. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that TFA set the record straight, though I'm sad he has to take time off from family or other activities to address this.

The message jkh posted is in the Daily Mirror etc. TFA Refugee Centre forum. It is still there! Surprising as a few days ago I was reprimanded for saying that Hitchen has no moral authority to criticise anyone in the McCann case...


Anonymous said...

JKH you didn't get banned I don't think but you do have to sign in to read it.

jkh said...

Hi Jolie

Jeremy's post is still there. Only Gato has made a response so far and she hasn't received another warning!

I also haven't received a warning yet or been banned - wonders never cease!

I assume the mods have read Jeremy's post and have decided to leave it there. I guess as long as it's posted in the Eeore/TFA refuge centre they can't complain as that's what the thread was set up for.

I would think that no one actually looks in that thread anyway if they are aware of the dispute between maggot and TFA.

I wonder if I dare post it as a separate thread?

I'll be sure to be banned then...

ok you guys, cover me, I'm going in!

Anonymous said...

I've posted it in the Lounge

Let's see how long it takes for it to go whoosh cluck.

Let's also see how long it takes for one of the mods to say Cillit Bang and the troll is gone!


jkh said...

damn, this comment box doesn't even give you time to put your name in!!

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

Well done on exposing the vile Mr Hitchens and giving the 3A's a kicking.

I run a blog trying to expose Vile Viv, a very nasty woman who runs a blog about Madeleine McCann, and some of the perverts who post there...She runs the

I will be reading this blog and trying to get some tips. I am always looking for little bits of info to expose this vile bullying woman who used to copy and paste some of Hitchens posts.

A poster called mariana faithful has landed in the vile blog, and I would be very grateful on any info you may have on this poster.

Thank you very much and keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Hi there supetroll, mariana faithfuck is a slapper and hitch maggot is a wanker of the lowest degree. maggot bates the shit of kids before raping them. sorry if this offends people, but that is how it is, maggot is a fucking arsehole and people need to know about it

Anonymous said...

I know I can be rude and abrupt and sometimes offend people with my force of languager but the fact is, maggot brings out the worse of me, just lke he does in everyone.. Itt cant be helped.. Maggot is a pervert and a BASTARD... Blog owner, delete if u feeel the need, but i hate maggot and people need to know what a wanker he is

Anonymous said...

supertroll can you post a link to your blog please.

Blog Owner said...

Anon, you just need to click on Supertroll's name and it'll take you to the blog.

But here's the link anyway:

Anonymous said...

Thankyou Mister blog owner.

Anonymous said...

You don't offend me, that man deserves what he gets.
Mariana has just landed on Vile's and I knew her name from reading this blog, but I don't know much about her. She comes across as quite creepy.

I have had to put comment moderation on my blog because Vile has been attacking the blog and posting the apparent personal details(?) of one of my posters.

Vile's attracts perverts to her blog. I am convinced of that, unfortunately there are a few very gullible brainwashed women there also, so I try to expose these people for what they are.

I despise the fact that there are some perverts getting a kick over the disappearance of a little girl.

Two posters there have had a nervous breakdown already, one of them as a direct consequence of the blog, another poster has been reported to the college where she works and it wouldn't surprise me if she lost her job.

Apparently Vile is bullying and threatening her regulars not to leave her blog, and she posts the most awful lies about people who disagree with her.

Some of us have been called paedophiles, perverts, of my posters had to have her beloved dog put down and Vile accused her of being an animal murderer.

however we have really done some progress, her blog had to be made members only and many people have stopped posting there.

Vile had only some of the silliest posters left posting inane crap all day, and has resorted to making up her own personnas to agree with herself...

Mariana's appearance is a bit annoying.

Have a good day

Anonymous said...

Supertrol, this vile sounds very like maggot to me. I will have a read through your blog later, but now it's back to bed for me, i need to sleep off this hangover.
Do ya hear that maggot? I have a hangover and i am in care of kids, what ya gonna do aboutr it pervert, call the alco police? Freak

Anonymous said...

LOL "call the alco police"