Monday, 12 May 2008

What happened in Norfolk?

What, like this you mean anon? :)


Anonymous said...

Jeremy Young has never told me not to mention Norfolk, so I'm going to do it.


There, I've done it.

I don't think that changed Jeremy's world somehow. I think he's probably still as all-consumed by the beauty of his lovely son as he was before I said it. NORFOLK. Oops, said it again. But I think Jeremy is still as loved-up with the missus as he was before I said it.


Damn, just can't stop mentioning it now. But I bet Jeremy is still the happy chappy he was before I mentioned it. His baby is totally safe and as well-loved as any baby could ever hope to be. And certainly much more loved than maggot ever was, as a baby or otherwise.

Maggot, on the other hand, has managed to slip even further down the road to obscurity and banality, unhappier than he was yesterday, poorer than he was yesterday, more eaten up with bitterness than he was yesterday. Oh well.


Anonymous said...


There i've said it too...

What happens now????


Nope nothing happened.

LOL was that that Hitchens joke of the day? hehehehehehehe

Anonymous said...


No, nothing happened for me either.

And again, NORFOLK!


Maybe repeating, NORFOLK! NORFOLK! NORFOLK! NORFOLK! over and over again whilst turning counterclockwise might prompt a reaction.

No, it didn't.

Maybe, repeating, NORFOLK! NORFOLK! NORFOLK! NORFOLK! over and over again whilst sacrificing a chicken on the Aztec altar of Quetzalcoatl might make something happen.

Guess what! I wasted the chicken and still nothing happened.

Anonymous said...

I just shouted NORFOLK NORFOLK whilst standing on my head...

Guess what?

Nothing happened.

Maybe we are doing something wrong.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we are doing it wrong maybe we should shout BOYCOTT instead.

No! nothing happened.

It could be a cryptic message?

Maybe there's going to be a BOYCOTT in NORFOLK. LOL

Anonymous said...


Watch out Bernard Matthews Mr Mike Hicthen is after you.

Anonymous said...

Remember children, never take Turkey Twizzlers from strangers.

Anonymous said...


Or should that be...


Anonymous said...

Robert Murat also lived in Norfolk.
He doesn't any more.
What the hell is that supposed to prove?

Anonymous said...

LOL, That's it, he will be saying that tfa is Murat :) :)

Anonymous said...

NORFOLK, NORFOLK, NORFOLK.....time to send Hitchen a packet of Sage & Onion stuffing marked "do it yourself"

mike the perv said...

Your wish is my command, sweetcheeks:)