Monday, 12 May 2008

Proven child pervert Mike Hitchen calls for boycott of driving school by linking it to child abuse

Mike Hitchen, the Lane Cove sicko and internet stalker, who fantasises about spanking children whilst watching "Play School" links driving school to child abuse in an effort to discredit and ruin the owner who rejected his sexual advances. He has already linked her book about the NHS to child abuse in an effort to discredit her as an author, simply because he did not like the book even though he never read it.


Anonymous said...

sick bastard

Anonymous said...

Eh Hitchen! have you had your medication today? seems to me you haven't.

Go and take it and lie down in a darkened room, its for your own good.

Anonymous said...

"Australian businessman"?

Firstly, Mike Hitchen is NOT Australian. He's Welsh, but Wales didn't want him or his family.

Secondly, Mike Hitchen is NOT a businessman. He's an unemployed loner who sits behind his computer screen all day thinking up ways to make himself feel better.

What on earth would somebody in Australia be doing trying to destroy the business of a woman in the UK? It's just jealous, petty spite.

There's only one thing worse than a woman scorned and that's a maggot scorned.

coco said...

"Mike Hitchen called for a boycott" like he's some sort of Trade Union chief. Who are you lobbying Hitchen - it seems you haven't noticed that no-one's listening?

Anonymous said...

Sorry folks but you have got to laugh at him.

"Mike Hitchen has today called for a boycott"

OMG is he serious? he really is making such a BIG BIG FOOL of himself.

"Mike Hitchen has today called for a boycott" My ass!


mrboycott said...

Well hello Mr Maggot how's you're boycott comming along.


Anonymous said...

We really shouldn't mock the afflicted, but in maggot's case its alright!

Anonymous said...

The only Boycott maggot needs is Mr Geoffrey, weilding his great big f*ck off bat in the direction of the infamous auzzie pervert's head!

Anonymous said...

LOL!! Brilliant

Anonymous said...

It is sooooooooooooooooooooooo easy to take the piss out of him.

He hands it out on a plate.

Anonymous said...

PMSL @ pervy maggot. I didn't think he could get any worse. He forgot to take his pills for sure. Paranoia is kicking in big time. Hey maggot, It IS as bad as you think, and they ARE out to get you :) :) :)

jkh said...

Erm.... maggot, can I put you straight on a couple of things please?

I have not been the subject of a complaint to West Midlands Police - YOU have. They are investigating my complaint about YOU.

You have also not complained to the Driving Standards Agency. They are not aware of any complaint against me.

I have also not made a "hoax call" to NSW police. It was a REAL complaint - there was no hoax about it. I had a response from NSW police and West Midlands police are in contact with them, as are West Yorkshire police.

I have also never lived in Selly Oak. I have never met Jeremy Young, let alone "jumped into bed with him" as you state on another of your libellous blogs.

All in all, you're nothing but a liar.

Ooops... correction. You're a pervert too.

Oh, and a thief.

And if I think of anything else I'll be sure to let you know.

Anonymous said...

He is a bastard too

When has maggot Hitchen ever been interested in facts? Never

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Maggot,

I happened upon a website, which, in light of your penchant for cutting and pasting other people's work and ideas, may be of some use to.

Anonymous said...

What on earth has a driving instructor who is also an author with a book in print done to deserve such venomn from the Mummy's boy in Sydney? Ah - the driving instructor has a career and and she is a successful authoress in her own right with no paste and post he obviously hates Jeremy because the bloke is a normal man and has a wife and son and a normal love life??? I've heard of jealousy but Hitchen is sure a bitter and twisted pervert. He's a good laugh tho if you read his crap posts. Does he realise how many of his loyal members post here and take the piss out of him? obviously not!