Thursday, 29 May 2008

On your bike, Mike.


Anonymous said...

So what pervy is saying is he lost the blog war, he has been run out of town by this blog author.

Good on you.

Pervy got his ass whipped good n proper this time.

Jolie said...

Anon. 12:47

We can hope!

Anonymous said...

Oh Maggot shut the F up would you. You were run out of town with your tail between your legs, just like you were out of Wales.

Anonymous said...

"The blog will slow down"

Its been slowing down for months now.

Your finished Mr Hitchen

Anonymous said...


What will his slutty hand maidens do with themselves all day now I wonder?

Congrats to whoever.

Anonymous said...

Slow down? slow down? I am sure it has come to a grinding halt simply because maggot's "loyal" members have finally woken up to what he actually is and what he stands for and have got wise about him.

Either that or they have all been caught out as being his loyal cohorts and fellow perverts who, until Hitchen brought them into his myopic attacks on innocent people (TFA,JKH,Jane) they had kept their secret life very secret.

Hitchen has ruined his own life and he simply cannot blame any innocent party for that.

Unfortunately he won't go away so thanks to the internet and 'ways and means' I shall be watching his posts under his newly assumed names and posting the details here.

Until the apology for a human being finally tosses his computer in his mother's council flat trash can I will watch his every bloody move.

Anonymous said...

Oh my dear, dear maggot! You suddenly realised that legal threats were a lot more serious than just simply threats did you?

Time to accept the truth that someone who you have defamed and libelled actually had a good legal case against you and you have been silenced by law have you not?

There again, you don't have the guts to admit it but I think most of us know you have been told to shut up and I bet that really bugs the shit out of you.....goody!


Anonymous said...

Don't care what anyone says congrats still the order of the day.

YOU succeeded in closing his comms box and succeeded in him running scared shitless and now no more blog.

Go to hell Hitchen.

Anonymous said...

Even hell is too good for him.

Unless of course the devil found a niche for him, face up, mouth open at the bottom of Satan's toilet bowl.

A chance to shovel back some of the shit he's been spouting all his miserable, meaningless life.

Anonymous said...

Mike Hitchen may be withdrawing but we are going nowhere - we've got unfinished business to attend to.