Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Mike Hitchen's libellous blogs accessed by police for their investigation of him

Mike Hitchen says that his (ahem, cough cough) "award winning blog" (which he votes for himself) boasts visitors from US Government Departments, US Universities, schools, NATO and overseas government departments and leading organisations...
then goes on to list 10 articles in his Hate Campaign, some of which are filed under the section titled Madeleine McCann.

Are your 'high profile' visitors impressed with your hate campaign Hitchen?
You forgot to mention that at least 3 police forces are also visiting your blogs too :)


Anonymous said...

Not forgetting "Sydney Irresistible - the much acclaimed photoblog"

What is this fella on? its a load of crap.

Anonymous said...

He doesn't half think a lot of himself and i can't imagine why.

Arrogant pig.

You are a nomark Hitchen get over yourself ffs.

Anonymous said...

But Mike Hitchen fails to mention the reasons WHY these institutions are ALLEGEDLY visting his site (and why should we take the liar's word for it that they are?).

Anonymous said...

Hitchen gives no reasons and no proof - he would not know the truth if it punched him on the nose. He's too old for the internet anyway so it is high time he simply pulled the plug.