Saturday, 17 May 2008

Mike Hitchen, the two-faced pervert blames JKH and TFA for the libellous post he made about Anna-May Silvestro on his own blog

Mike Hitchen, the two-faced pervert blames JKH and TFA for the libellous post he made about Anna-May Silvestro.

Hitchen, you are the one who quotes people's real names and schools! And you've just done it again in your latest post.You have posted Jane Freer's name and address and you have also posted JKH's real name and address aswell as the name of her driving school. The only reason you haven't posted TFA's address is because you can't find it!

All you're doing, Hitchen, is libelling people and blaming others for your crimes.

How can anything you say be believed when this blog is FULL of evidence that disproves everything you say?

It is obvious that you made that post and then deleted it just to further your own vindictive attack on JKH and TFA.

How much lower can you sink? Is it not enough that you are already attacking a newborn baby?

You are a proven LIAR!


Richard Head said...

Hitchen you are a contmeptuous turd.

Anonymous said...

Hithen you are a liar you said you wouldn't be back till Sunday/Monday and here you are back again.

Anonymous said...

Hitchen, this blog has absolutely nothing to do with JY or JKH. Nothing at all. JKH makes an occasional comment here to tell the truth about lies you print about her, but she uses her own name there and otherwise is not involved. JY is not involved full stop.

You need to face the facts = you have unknown enemies. Except you do happen to know us, and you know some of us very well. Yes we are reading your secret forum and contributing quite nicely there. But we do not like you any more and you need to get used to the idea that you are tilting at windmills.


Stop telling lies which are easily disproved, that's my sensible advice. You say JKH is discredited, yet she has sent us a copy of an email from the relevant authority which proves there are no complaints or investigations going on about her. We've published it here. She is a decent human being with you as her only enemy. You are her enemy because of your own twisted problems, not because she has done anything to you.

As for JY, his partner and their tiny babby, they have done nothing to you either. Yet you choose to take real tangible actions against them. Thank goodness our British authorities can tell a nutter when they see one and they have all told you to back off, without exception. The fact that you choose not to back off does not in any way imply you have a leg to stand on. It just proves you are a crazy loon who hates being told what to do.

We are here for the longest haul and you will have to get used to the idea. We are not JKH or JY but you will probably never believe us. But never mind - it is only yourself that you are making look a proper chump and only yourself will feel the damage you are doing. Everyone else has done nothing wrong and, although you think even God calls you God you have this completely wrong as well. I'm sure he has his eye on you, but not for reasons you will like.

We also have our eye on you.

interested said...

Hitchen, why do you never back-up anything you say? Which police statement did Jeremy Young fabricate? Your imagination is in overdrive and you obviously have a need to use it here now that you have no outlet in writing your gross spanking stories.

And if you look back at what you have written recently you'll be reminded that you were the one to publish females' names and addresses.

WYSIWYG I'm in shape, round is a perfect shape said...

What a fecking weirdo this guy is.

Jolie said...

Beware of the blog 'MikeHitchenisapervert.' It has deliberately posted untrue information about Mike Hitchen before (the arrest story from this past week that turned out to be about a 24-year-old father and his own child and a hunting knife in the baby buggy). I think the blog owner is now doing the same writing about Silvestro being suspended from her job for posing nude for a spanking magazine, except that there doesn't even seem to be an incident about any teacher at Etone that has been suspended. I think the whole thing is fabricated.

NEVER take someone's word for something without checking it out for yourself, even if you would like the story to be true. Even if the person appears to be 'on the same side' as you. Remember, that's how many of us started reading Hitchen's blog and thinking he was the real thing and represented our own suspicions and thoughts about the McCann case.

If you do any search online, you will not find any article about Silvestro or any teacher from Etone being suspended anywhere except on the above-mentioned blog.

Hitchen has another blog article with that date and time signature that appears on the MHIAP blog article about Silvestro. I believe the MHIAP blog owner has done some photoshopping [i]to make it look like[/i] Hitchen posted the Silvestro article and then MHIAP owner copied it onto his blog.

I don't know what the purpose of the MHIAP blog is: to make Hitchen and his supporters look bad OR to make those people working to stop Hitchen's lies look deceitful and thereby discredit them.

Please be careful when you reprint anything from the mikehitchenisapervert blog. You run the risk of discrediting this blog and the veracity of the campaign to expose and put an end to Mike Hitchen's campaign of hate, perversion, and destruction. You also expose yourself to libel charges.

blog owner said...

Hi Jolie

Point taken. But the reason Hitchen's article is posted here is to show that Hitchen is blaming JKH and TFA regardless of the authenticity of the original.

Whilst the original artical may be fake the resulting accusations from Hitchen are not. His own blogs about JKH, TFA and Jane Freer are also fake and this smacks of Hitchen's work.

Hitchen has no proof that anyone from here created that fake article, but he blames us anyway. And that was his motive - to create something which he could blame us for so that he could make another report to the police.

We have nothing to do with that blog. For all we know it could be Hitchen himself.

That blog was set up as a clone of this one - A Fan's article was stolen from here and re-written for that blog. It smacks of Hitchen at work trying to discredit this blog.

However, all the evidence posted on this blog has proveable links that go directly to Hitchen's own words as does this latest post which is printed on his blog.

As with Hitchen's own fake blogs, the new MHIAP blog also has no proveable links which suggests Mike Hitchen owns that blog. He clearly is a sad little man who lives in a warped and sick fantasy world and has too much time on his hands.

If anything posted here comes under dispute it will be removed because only the truth and facts will be posted here.

Hitchen is complaining about the fake blog publishing the real name of Silvestro yet has no qualms about publishing the real names of TFA or JKH or the name of her driving school in an attempt to have her school boycotted because he did not like her book.

He has publicly stated that she is the center of a complaint from the DSA yet she has forwarded us an email which says she is not. He has publicly stated she is the center of a complaint with West Midlands police and she is not - Hitchen is the center of the complaint with West Midlands police. Everything he says is false and it is proved on this blog with links.

Hitchen is guilty of harassment and there is a law about that. We intend to make sure that law is affected.

Hitchen is a liar and a hypocrite and that is why his article is posted here - to expose his hypocrisy and his underhand tactics which are also construed as harassment.

There is no evidence to suggest he did not make that post himself on that date and them simply delete it simply to put the blame for it on to JKH and TFA. If that is the case, then he is dragging Silvestro into this to encourage her to make a complaint to the police to strengthen his own cause as he knows he is losing. He needs people to support him now and that is what he's doing.

Nothing further will be posted on here from that blog but any resulting action, on the part of Hitchen, will.

Jolie said...

I also have suspected that Mike Hitchen might be behind the MHIAP blog.

Thanks for taking my comments seriously. I do not want to see the efforts of the people on this blog discredited.

blog owner said...

The strange thing, Jolie, is that the avatars on that blog belong to 4 of his 'supporters' so I'm told. If they own that blog then they are clearly not on his side, unless they're setting people up for him. If they don't know about that blog then it'll be some shock to them when they find out their avatars are being used by Hitchen.

It has been suggested, after someone having done some research that Mike Hitchen also poses as Jack H on yahoo answers. The 'H' being Hitchen and 'Jack' being the boy in his spanking stories. If this is true then, like Hitchen posing as 'Anthony' in forums to obtain information about TFA, it would suggest he is into cloning names and it would not be a surprise to learn that Hitchen is behind it in an effort to discredit this one. Hitchen doesn't seem to have much creativity and relies on copying other peoples' work - same as with his business blog. The only reason he set up the anonymous 'Child at Risk' blogs about JKH, TFA and Jane was because of this blog. He calls us cowards for being anonymous, yet can you see his name on those blogs even though they are clearly his work because he links them to i on global trends and his business website?

I don't know what his game is, but he only seems to know how to play dirty by publishing lies and libel and blaming other people. That is his style. He thinks he's being clever but the truth will win in the end.

The truth is right here on this blog.

Thank you for your input. It is appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I would bet that M Hitchen owns that other blog and is writing it in such a way so that this blog owner gets the blame for it. He knows people wont blame him for it because it's all stuff against him. Smart move, but not smart enough because the maggot is so transparent and predictable.
He still insists Tfa, Jkh and Jane own this blog. Wonder will he feel a right twat when he finds out for sure that they don't. Mind you, with his mental disorders, he will insist everyone else is wrong and he is right.

Anonymous said...

I notice the time on that blog is set to Sydney time....

Anonymous said...

The blog 'MikeHitchenisapervert.' has an article today concerning 'Anthony's' attempts to find TFA's address - its very obvious that whoever is running that site is getting their information from here and twisting the facts and the truth. I see today Chris Friend is mentioned as critisising Hitchen when in point of fact Friend congratulated Hitchen on an article! As usual the blog gives NO links and NO proof or even any acknowledgement to the source material (most of which is from this blog) I am sure A Fan resents as much as I do information we both (and others) have spent time researching and sharing here to see it posted elsewhere and sexed up into the bargain.

Anonymous said...

If we needed more proof that the spoof blog was written by Mike Hitchen to try to discredit this blog, check it out now! It's been completely changed - hijacked by the looks of it. If you ask me, we got far too close to the truth for Hitchen and he's destroyed the evidence.

That blog was definitely Hitchen's underhand work.