Thursday, 22 May 2008

Is Mike Hitchen luring schoolchildren to his blog by publishing his hate campaign on educational articles?

Only Hitchen could take a so-called Business Blog that he alleges is accessed by schoolchildren - and turn human tragedies like the China earthquake; Human Trafficking of teenage girls and the Madeleine McCann mystery, into an excuse to publish his hate campaign.

What possible reason is there for him to advertise The JY Files and JKH Files at the bottom of every news article? Indeed, what possible reason is there for him to file his hate campaign blogs with Madeleine McCann's name other than to exploit this, possibly, dead child to lure people to his blog.

Let's not forget that Hitchen uses his blog, not only to encourage schoolchildren to view, but also to display what he considers is exploitation of a stillborn baby in a hospital and his blackmail letter to Bradford Police. Does Hitchen really think he is helping with childrens' education by publishing this libellous material on his blog?

Or, worse, is this how Hitchen drums up child customers from the schools for his online discipline business when they click on these links?

Come off it, Hitchen, your blog is nothing more a playground that you use for sickening bullying of innocent people, including babies, and a grotesque way of grooming children - as on Bebo.

Your 'hidden agenda' is exposed and many people are not liking what they see and feel it is a public duty to have you investigated.


Anonymous said...

Does he not realise that other people are linking their blogs to many anti hitchen blogs and also his business one? How's business Mike? doing well are you, lolol....despite what you think you are not untouchable by law and I know this for a fact. You are on borrowed time and I shall enjoy your downfall enormously.

Anonymous said...

He doesn't care about anything and that includes kids. You only have to read his perverted stories to see that.