Friday, 16 May 2008

Hate Campaign stalker Mike Hitchen lied about making a complaint to the Driving Standards Agency about Jill Havern

Yet another of Mike Hitchen's lies has been exposed. He did not make a complaint to the Driving Standards Agency about Jill Havern. She wrote to the DSA to ask if a complaint had been made. She received an acknowledgement but no response so sent the email again - 4 times in total. She finally got a response today and it is clear that NO complaint has been made against her by Mike Hitchen, or anybody else for that matter.

It makes you wonder why he posts these malicious, libellous, lies all over the internet. It certainly doesn't do anything for his credibility and only makes the police complaints stronger.


Anonymous said...

so another lies is exposed then. Makes you wonder why anyone believes a word he ever says.

A Fan said...

Everything that comes out of him is a lie. He wouldn't know truth or fact if it jumped up and slapped his face.
Speaking of slapping, Do you dream of Primavera spanking your wee fat spotty shirmpy botty maggot? Sure ya do

Anonymous said...

Wonder if she uses a ban the bomb placard to do her spanking with?

Anonymous said...

Lies, lies and more lies. Just like the McCanns he so criticised.


Anonymous said...

Poor lady. What did she do to so upset him? apart from turn down his internet approaches? Hitchen is not into straight people is he, he's only after kinky people and preferably teens or YOUNGER. I hope Jill does read these posts at times. Don't worry Jill, nobody apart from Hitchen and his little spankers actually believe any of his crap.