Monday, 19 May 2008

Comment taken from 'Mike Hitchen is a Pervert' blog

The comment left on the new blog sums it up effectively.
It is noted that the MHIAP blog publishes libel with no evidence - which is exactly what Mike Hitchen does on his "Identifying a Child at Risk" and various other blogs in his hate campaign. I would also suggest that Hitchen is writing these blogs in order to encourage Anna-May Silvestro and Mariana Faithful to make complaints to the police in order to strengthen his own case, and weaken ours.
Mike Hitchen has also not added the new blog to his press release on his business blog.
It is also noted that posts and images are being stolen from this blog in an effort to discredit this blog and I have now added a disclaimer that states we have nothing to do with that blog. After all the hard work and research that has gone into this blog, why would we want our work discredited?
As the poster says, there is only one person who would benefit from discrediting this blog and that is Hitchen himself.
Clearly Hitchen has mental problems - how else can you explain his need to write sexual stories about children and stories about how he wears dresses and make up in front of his mother (who he has publicly stated he is taking revenge on); and who makes jokes about a stillborn baby and instigates a Child at Risk campaign to have a newborn baby taken from his parents based on a poem that was written whilst the father was in the depths of despair?
Is this really the behaviour of a normal person?
This blog only publishes fact and truth with links to all evidence.


Anonymous said...

It's so bizarre it's hard to believe anybody would go to the trouble he is going to. But then you just have to see the lengths he was going to go to try to get Baby Young taken away from his mum and dad (unsuccessfully, of course!).

This "man" will stop at nothing and so I fully agree it must be him making this other blog up to try to discredit all the hard work being done here. And as ever - he's been sussed.


Anonymous said...

Well, that's an end to the mystery of where that blog came from.

I take it you have seen the link to the page alleging A-MS has been suspended over a spanking photoshoot? I was wondering who on earth would go to the trouble of 'cloning' his blogspot to make it look as if he had posted it. And the answer of course is HIM, to try and discredit the real McCoy.

Anonymous said...

When you think about it, it has to be him. I can't imagine any of his supporters doing it and using their own avatars, can you?

Not when they can see how he operates and takes revenge for the slightest thing.

It has to be him.

Anonymous said...

Nice one blog owner! I wish Hitchen would actually accept that this blog is NOT run/owned by TFA or JKH (or has he found someone else to blame now?) We can discredit Hitchen far easier and better than he can himself so maybe its time he got himself a job and did some housework to help his Mother (in the council apartment that he shares with her) and stops trying to be clever. he does not have the brains to be clever. All he can do is blame other people or paste and post articles from decent journalists as all his own work....what a total prat.